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Help for Moms

You chose to homeschool . . . so why bring school home, making it "one more thing," for Mom to do?

If it's all you can do to keep the household running, how can you be a model for learning? We help you transfer routine chores to children so that they yield a double reward!! Invaluable learning for kids, while saving Mom's time and energy for more important things!

Identify and eliminate the obstacles that interfere with learning

What things are driving you crazy at home? How can they be eliminated or minimized?

Rediscover your own joy of learning!

Children model adults. They want to do what we do. If learning is "just for kids," they'll soon rebel. So when Mom has "no time for learning," it devalues learning for them, too.

When parents and children share chores and learning, everybody wins!

“I know how valuable your contribution has been to my family” ” --J.R.

"Destinations" shows you how!

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