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I highly recommend this workbook
for families just starting to homeschool
or experiencing burnout and wondering why.

Ann Zeise, Ann Zeises A to Z Homes Cool Homeschooling Website

You chose to homeschool . . . so why bring school home?

If you wanted the school experience, you'd send your children to school. But you want something better.

Don't just change the location, change the experience.

You wouldn't buy shoes that cramp your child's feet, so why waste good money on a curriculum that cramps you child's learning? Don't accept a "one-size-fits-all," off-the-rack curriculum, that doesn't fit anyone well.

What you really want is a curriculum tailor-made to fit your child, your family. --But is that really possible?

It would be, if you could have the help of:

I have to tell you that I found your [advice] to be more valuable to me than anything I have read or researched in the last MONTH! I just wanted to say THANK YOU. --S.F.

* a homeschool parent and pioneer,
* a master teacher
* a homeschool coach who has helped hundreds of homeschool families,

To design and implement a curriculum

* matched to your unique child(ren),
* your unique home,
* and your unique needs.

Just imagine

I'll help you develop your very own unique curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of your home and your children, using my approach, proven successful by hundreds of homeschool families.

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