Ten Worst Mistakes
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What Do I Not Do First?

10. "Mistake Orientation"

Schools have dominated our culture so long and so thoroughly that certain false notions have assumed the status of received truth. One of these false notions holds that learning tasks perceived to be exceptionally difficult, such as reading or physics, require professional teachers, textbooks, sophisticated techniques, or special programs. Industries and institutions have arisen to meet this alleged need. But a little reflection exposes how fraudulent this notion is.

9. "Testing Trap"

* Making record time, but on the wrong road!

8. "Pleasing the In-laws"

* Since when was that possible?

7. "The Curriculum Trap"

Wherever two or three homeschoolers gather together, they discuss curriculum, as in, "What curriculum do you use? I use XYZ!" Few weeks pass that I don't receive a call something like this: "I have a nine-year-old boy that I'm going to home school. What curriculum would you recommend for him?"More?

6. "Socialization"

"What about socialization?" the reporter asked, and I could almost hear him thinking "Gotcha!" For some reason, opponents and skeptics often seize upon socialization as a fatal flaw in homeschooling. apparently believing themselves to be the first to raise the issue. . . ."More?

5. "Content Trap"

* It's not what you know, it's what you understand

4. "Lack of Goals"

* If you don't know where your'e going, you won't know when you get there.

3. "Teaching without Modeling"

* "If it's not worth your time, it's not worth their time."

2. "Controlling"

* You don't really want a robot. So why try to produce one?

1. "Pushing"

I rarely encounter a homeschool family whose children failed to learn because the parents neglected to expend sufficient effort instructing their children. Again and again, the most serious learning problems arise because parents do too much, push rather than encourage, start according to the parents timetable rather than the child's readiness. "More?