Documentary cast on street of South English, August 1, 1863. According to a later account, the Copperheads of Foote, Iowa, wanted to go down and "burn out that Abolition hole." This is the cast at the Blacksmith Shop at the Ushers Ferry historical village in Cedar Rapids as they filmed scenes which focused on Civil War events in the South English and Hinkletown areas.
Scenes from the Hinkletown Video in Production

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Patrick Monaghan, resident of Foote Post Office (Hinkletown), departs for Iowa City to enlist in the Union Army on August 22, 1862.
Three new recruits of the Copperhead group called "The Order of the Star" are sworn in at a secret cabin in the very northeast corner of Liberty Township in Keokuk County. They took an oath to resist the draft by all measures, and give shelter to deserters. Standing in the center is H.B. Rogers, who was inducted with others in April 1863 and infiltrated the secret order as an Abolitionist spy.
In this scene, Cypert Talley conducts a transaction with a storekeeper in Iowa City for guns and ammunition. The local Copperhead group, the "Order of the Star," was amassing weapons purchased from Sigourney and Iowa City, with plans to hold a general uprising upon the call for the military draft by President Lincoln. Talley often gave drills and instruction on the use of weapons. Sam Knight, one of Talley's loyal followers, accepts a box of ammunition from the Iowa City storekeeper. The members of the Order of the Star transported the weapons beneath straw in the back of their wagons, and they practiced at their secret lodge in the northeast corner of Keokuk County, just south of Hinkletown, Foote Post Office.
On the morning of August 1, 1863, things looked very normal at the hotel on the Main Street of South English. Kids played, women shopped, while the men of town prepared for armed conflict.
August 1, 1863: Abolitionists "armed to the teeth" at Phelps Hotel in South English. Someone had tipped them off that Reverend Talley, the Copperhead leader, would be holding an anti-war rally in the area.
Talley and his men check over their recent purchase of weapons at the hideout in Liberty Township. Members of the Hinkletown Copperhead group called to order to fall in line for a weapons drill at the cabin.
The standoff on the main street of South English. Talley and his men exchange threats with Abolitionists, Home Guards and Union soldiers in front of Phelps Hotel. Cypert Talley, the Copperhead leader, rode into South English after giving a four hour anti-war and anti-administration speech at Noffsinger Grove just a short distance north of town. Taunting and gestures ocurred between the South English townsfolk and the Copperheads. Talley was standing in his wagon, brandishing his gun and Bowie knife. At one point, the wagon stopped, and shortly thereafter, Talley was shot multiple times. Two others were mortally wounded.
After Reverend Talley is shot, his wagon speeds off, his men scramble in pursuit while firing a few last rounds. Laying in the back of the wagon, Talley is taken to a doctor, but was already dead.

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Charles H. Chapman with family after returning home from from the Civil War in 1866.

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