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Mayor Dan J. Strohman

Welcome to the City of North English! I am pleased to say that the North English community is not limited by its boundaries, but rather it is a community that stretches far beyond the city limits. Across the country, we have many native citizens who still keep ties to their childhood community through friends and family. It is also a source of pride to have many new families, some with historic ties and some who are newcomers, settling down in North English and contributing to the community spirit of the future.

North English began as an agricultural town, with a railroad line and many family businesses to support it. In recent years, we have experienced great changes of commerce and become more of a residential community. Located only twelve miles from Interstate 80, our citizens have access to some of the best health care, jobs and collegiate educational opportunities in the country. Closer to home, our families reap the benefits of a wonderful school system, beautiful churches, local businesses that provide staple services, a first rate long-term care facility, and a country club with recreational opportunities for all.

– Daniel J. Strohman - Mayor

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