Stories of Fall & Winter 2004-2005
December 2006
    Its been a good year, with nice culmination this December for the kids and their hard work this year. On December 8th, Alec earned his blue tip belt in Tae Kwon Do. Testing for the belt involved his first board breaking. We got this fuzzy picture seconds before he kicked through the board on his first try. He's the short(est) blond kid - you can see his reflection in the mirror as well with better sense of how he's lining up his kick. Aileen performed in the Nutcracker on Dec 17th. She worked hard, two nights and Saturdays, all semester for the chance to perform. This picture is from after the final performance, along with one of her best friends. On Dec 23, Aileen had her hair cut. She'd been growing her hair out for several years hoping to get it long enough to donate to Locks for Love. She sure looks different now with her short locks. Carly was really anticipating Santa, and really got into the Christmas spirit. hair.