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  The Rules 
* There is a one-time entry fee of $10, payable by Monday, September 27, 2004. Only one entry per person.
* Each week of the 17 week NFL season, pick the winners of that week's games. No point spreads, no parlays, just pick the winner of each game. To settle ties, a tiebreaker must also be given. The tiebreaker is the actual score (e.g. 28-14), of the Monday night game. A tiebreaker with total points (e.g. 42) disqualifies you from the prize money that week.
* All picks must be made on the Niggskin Picks website. Weekly and overall standings will also be posted on this site.
* Any picker failing to submit his/her picks on the website by noon on Sunday (or before the week's first game if there is a game before Sunday) will automatically be given the same choices as the picker who comes in last place for that week. Pickers will not be given all home or away teams as a default as has been the case in years past. Any picker who fails to submit his/her picks more than five weeks will be ineligible for Booby Bucks.
* All questions and concerns can be sent to the Niggskin Picks Commissioner (Chris) at
* Fees can be given to either the Niggskin Picks Commissioner or the Vice-Commissioner (Kathy).
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