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It was a tough one this month, as there were a lot of good ones to choose from, but once again we have a new inductee into the Theist Hall of Shame. The Theist Quote of the Month winner for September, with an impressive 15 votes, is

September announce post

"First of all, BSA does not discriminate against atheists. If an atheist wishes to acknowledge God and to live by His teachings, he will be more than welcomed in."

Written by Lester Phinney

Nominated by Wingedbeast, seconded by ClayeSkye

Truly I say to you, such bigotry deserves a hallowed place on the dartboard. Second place goes to Bill M with 11 votes, and third goes to Mr. GoodSalt with 10. Sorry Salty, maybe next time!

I think many people will take the overwhelming results of the August voting as a good omen. I'm not sure whether the polling says something about the direction alt.atheism is taking as a whole, or about the direction theism is taking as a whole . . . but I can't complain too loudly.

The winner of the TQOTM contest for August,
with an absolutely astounding 23 votes, is
August Anounce post
(***nominated for its intelligence***)
"Freedom of religion also should include freedom FROM religion. This is coming from a Protestant. I believe in my beliefs. I don't believe in forcing my beliefs on others, because, frankly, it isn't going to make them believe... Conversion by force ain't conversion... it's oppression."

Written by Balor

Nominated by dotcom, seconded by John Hattan

Congratulations to Balor for earning a place of distinction in the annals of theism. Hopefully, one day, the majority of theists on Usenet will be like you.

It's that time of the month again. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Theist Quote of the
Month contest for July of 1999, with eleven votes . . .
July announce post
"The Lord Jeohvah createth original sin so that he could punish sinners in hell for all eternity. If God hath not createth original sin man would have no need of hell."

HH has not appeared in a.a. since that quote appeared -- this just goes to show that trolls really ARE a good source of amusement. :o)
Indeed, some thought that this quote was actually satire, written by an atheist . . . and even now, I'm not 100% sure that it's not . . .

EJ, to nobody's surprise, came in a VERY close second, with ten votes. Tim Wang and Brent Jablonski, with five votes apiece, share third place. Thanks to all who participated!

it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the May/June 1999 Theist Quote of the Month contest,
with nine votes . . .
May/June announce post
--11-- The existence of God is proved by the fact that you, in your denial regarding this Being, already have Him in your understanding, for in hearing Him spoken of you understand what is spoken of. What you understand must exist not only in your understanding, but in reality also, because it is a greater thing to exist in reality AND in the understanding than in the understanding alone, and God is that which is greater than all.

Congratulations to Teresita for earning a place in the alt.atheism Hall of Shame! A very close second place goes to John Pitstab, with eight votes, and James McKee takes third, with seven votes.

Dave's a happy, happy guy this evening. Partly because I have completely recovered now from Finals Syndrome. :o) Thought I'd share some of the happiness with you by giving you the QOTM winners for April. (Be not in any way deceived by the fact that it is my duty to share the winners with you anyway as Quotemeister :o)
And so, we offer hearty congratulations to the Theist Quote of the Month winner for April 1999 with fourteen votes . . .
April announce post
(In response to:)
>Why do you assume the Bible is correct?
"Because if we don't, then WHO WILL??? Something in this world has to be correct, why not the Bible?"
Written by radelster

Nominated by McBryan, seconded by raven1

I have to announce that this will be my last QOTM posting. I have decided that the Kalam Cosmological Argument is a sound one, and consequently have accepted the existence of an eternal, divine being who wishes me to use wine rather than grape juice for Communion.

Next year I'll come up with a better April Fool than that, I promise.
Anyway, the winner of the Theist Quote of the Month Contest for March of 1999, to nobody's great surprise, is everybody's favorite reality-deficient Muslim, Lim CK:
March announce post
"Another example is Rape. Rape per se is not evil. If a person rapes somebody but he is in a state of mental illness. he is not evil or a criminal. So is God.Under no circumstances can he be said to be lying or evil because everything belongs to him and everything he says is right. Even though he ordered for babies to be killed,he is still good."

Kind of reminds us why we ostracize him, doesn't it? Limbo received a staggering 20 votes! The silver medal goes to Dr. Sinister, with 8 votes.

Okay, I'm on an EXTREMELY crappy server right now, so I have to make this brief. First of all, here are the QOTM winners for
February of 1999.
CRW note, the announce page is lost to us.
To nobody's great surprise, the Theist QOTM, with a whopping 19 votes, is:
"One does not have to read well, one merely must believe; often the mentally challenged are quicker to believe than others."
Written by Rosemond .com

Nominated by Liz, seconded by Michael Moore

I couldn't help but notice that David Greene's "atheist nutbar" contest went nowhere. Just like a small child, if you ignore him long enough he stops crying.

Okay, so:
(drum roll)
With 11 votes, the Theist Quote Of The Month for January of 1999 is:
January announce post
"Plagues are good and God knows this. Without them he couldn't teach us how to stop them."
Written by Jerry Myers

Nominated by Peter Kelly, seconded by Charles Ward

Congratulations Jerry! Number 6 took a very close second with 10 votes, and number 10 came in third with 8 votes.