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Construction Zone Ahead

Beware of falling GIFS

Last week I wrote; This page is kind of a rush job. I just passed 4 years online and haven't had any thing to say. Now since I gave myself the job of maintaining a web page for a group, I'd better start talking. You can expect rapid changes, I'd be too embarrassed to leave it like this for long. I still recognize lacks, but it will be better each week, until its good.

It's been about 3 months since I wrote that changes have been less than I wanted, but I am making progress.

Thanks for your support, and patience.

Some of the following links
are to pages not written yet.

The ones that don't work now
will be added in the following weeks.

World Wide Wallet
Seti at Home
EAC Seti Search Team
The EAC Quotes of the Month

Note the EAC (Evil Athiest Conspiracy) does not exist