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    Saxophone Resources
  • B.B. Bean's Music Page - B.B. is another sax enthusiast with a big Web presence. Check out his serial reference page for a listing of serial numbers and production dates from Selmer, Buescher, and Conn saxes to find out the age of your horn.
  • Michael Brecker - The web site of one of the most amazing tenor players of our time.
  • Ryan Burrage's Saxophone Page - Many sax-related links and other interesting resources here.
  • Classic Saxophone On-Line!
  • John Coltrane - This man practically re-invented the saxophone.
  • David Liebman's Web Site - "Lieb" is not only a great player, he's a dedicated educator. There's even an on-line lesson here - very valuable.
  • How to select a USED Saxophone
  • Indiana University Saxophone Studio Home Page
  • The International Saxophone Home Page - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Saxophone and more!!
  • Multiphonics On The Saxophone
  • Charlie Parker - A web site devoted entirely to the "Bird"
  • Sax on the Web; Harri Rautiainen's Saxophone Page
  • Saxquest - The place to buy, sell, and trade your sax. Plus a full line of accessories & repair packages.
  • The Sax Shop - A great instrument and accessory outlet on the north side of Chicago.
  • Saxophone Buyer's Guide
  • Saxophone Harmonics Page - If you're working on that nasty altissimo range, check out Jason Carleton's page. (Alt Link)
  • Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing Charts
  • The Saxophone Resource Page - This site deals with all things saxophone on the Web. Monthly feature articles, sound clips, and a nice set of links.
  • Saxophones
  • Phil Woods - A web site devoted to sax great Phil Woods.
  • Woodwind Fingering Guide - A growing resource of fingerings for woodwind instruments. Musicians are encouraged to submit fingerings. Currently over 500 fingerings for flute and piccolo, 200+ for clarinet, and 200+ for recorder have been compiled online.

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