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    Oboe and Bassoon Resources
  • Bassoon Index
  • Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion
  • BDRP - Guide to Buying an Oboe
  • Brian's Double Reed Page
  • Charles Double Reed Company
  • DOUBLEREED-L - The Listserv for Double Reeders Readers
  • Howarth of London Manufacturing Workshops - Makers of fine oboes, english horns & oboes d'amore (beginner to professional level)
  • International Double Reed Society (IDRS) - The world-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts.
  • Maggie Moser Oboe Reed Company - Providing quality Oboe and English Horn reeds to students, amateur musicians, schools, and teachers for the past 10 years in the greater Toronto area. Please peruse our website at your leisure; we are here to solve YOUR reed problems!!
  • Midwest Double Reed Society - This website is provided primarily for double reed instrument players living in the MDRS six-state area, but everyone is welcome.
  • MKL Reeds - Handmade oboe reeds for students and professionals.
  • NJN Bassoon Products - Contrabassoonist of the Minnesota Orchestra and he sells high quality reedmaking tools and supplies by Georg Rieger and bassoon bocals by Stephan Leitzinger.
  • Oboe Cane & Reeds Home Page
  • Oboe Index
  • Stellar Oboe Products - Truly Custom Reeds: based on your requirements, we keep a database of the reed measurements that work best for you. Every time you order a reed from us, we check your file, and send you the most consistent reeds possible. Once you try our reeds you'll agree they are the finest you can purchase.
  • The McFarland Double Reed Shop
  • The MDRS Homepage
  • The Oboe
  • WIZARDS! Home Page
  • Woodwind Fingering Guide - A growing resource of fingerings for woodwind instruments. Musicians are encouraged to submit fingerings. Currently over 500 fingerings for flute and piccolo, 200+ for clarinet, and 200+ for recorder have been compiled online.

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