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    Music Education Resources

  • Andrew Levin's Home Page
  • Arachnaut's Lair - FTP Site. A music educator's ftp heaven! You'll find lots of surprising goodies here!
  • ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information Network
  • Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet - Music - The pub/music directory has everything from lyrics of contemporary songs to recommended CDs of baroque music.
  • Biography of Edward Elgar - Read about the life of Edward Elgar, the composer of that quintessential graduation tune, "Pomp & Circumstance"
  • Bruce Arnold's Music Workshop - This site contains an educational 'workshop' for instrumentalists where they can download free lessons, audio files, and other related materials. A very good resource site!
  • Classroom Connect - Welcome to Classroom Connect's home on the Internet! We have designed this site with the hope that it will become "homebase" to thousands of K-12 educators and students around the globe.
  • Co-NECT Exchange Music Page - THE WORLD BAND PROJECT INVOLVES REALIZING MUSICAL ACTIVITY electronically, both locally and over the Internet.
  • Electronic Music Interactive - Electronic Music Interactive is a multimedia primer for electronic music that prepares students for more advanced study.
  • Essentials of Music - A partnership between W.W. Norton & Company and Sony Classical Music, this site offers an accessible but not simplistic introduction to classical music. Built around Sony's Essential Classics music series, the site includes almost 200 excerpts in RealPlayer format. Essentials of Music is composed of three main sections: Eras, Composers, and a Glossary. The first introduces users to the six main periods in classical music history, discussing historical themes, musical context, style, and major composers. The Composers section includes brief biographies and excerpts from the works of almost 70 composers. Finally, the Glossary features 200 terms, many with examples (recordings or pictures).
  • Harmony Central - Harmony Central is an attempt to bring together much of the music related items that can be found on the Internet.
  • Institute for Music Research - The Music Research Information Service (MRIS) is a gateway to research information in the fields of music education, music psychology, music therapy, and music medicine.
  • Instrumental Music Teacher Resources - The pupose of this resource is to provide music educators with a selected list of journal articles, research studies, and other materials which deal with many of the issues important to the practicing music educator.
  • Internet Resources for Music Scholars
  • J.S. Bach Home Page - Sections here are Johann Sebastian Bach's life, complete works, recommended (or not) recordings, cantatas, and Bach information around the world. Perhaps a Website is the first medium which could put before a student so much from this complex and prolific genius. In the biography section a map shows the places where he lived, and the extensive timeline gives a framework to Bach's life, with a parallel column for contemporary musicians. The works and recordings are listed by BWV number, category, instruments, key, title, and year.
  • K-12 ART ED Listservs - The MUSIC-ED listserv puts you in touch with other great minds who care deeply about music education.
  • Learn about instruments - Learn about the different families and different types of instruments.
  • Maestronet Conservatory - The Maestronet Conservatory is your source of sheet music online. This is sheet music you can download and print now! All of our sheet music has been arranged by grade level by our staff and senior editors to provide a structure or syllabus which conforms to the prevailing standards or levels of the major methods from around the world.
  • Mammoth Music Meta List
  • Music 101 - Wonderful interactive lessons! Eartraining lessons, guitar chords, and a great links page. This is a fun site with a large amount of information!
  • Music Education Launch Site - a little of everything for the music educator. Offers an interactive page for teachers to share ideas and a section for music lessons. Jokes and a great set of music links for needed resources.
  • Music Education Online - This page is designed to aid music educators in connecting with a variety of music education resources located on the Internet as well as providing an interactive bulletin board for posting questions and comments on music.
  • Music Education Resource Base - MERB/CMI is a bibliographic database of more than 28,000 resources in music and music education.
  • Music Educators National Conference Website - Nearly 70,000 Music Educators dedicated to providing a complete, balanced, sequential education to every child in America.
  • Musical Instrument Encyclopedia - The lessons about music begin immediately on this Website, as you begin by choosing among four ways to expand your search for instruments: alphabetical, geographical, hierarchical, and type of material. Hierarchical organized according to the Sachs-Hornbostel classical scheme, we are told is the best route for advanced users and is a good way to learn about hierarchies in organology. Hierarchical expands to percussion: idiophones, percussion: membranophones, strings, winds, and electronic. Historians will be happier starting in geographical, where they are first provided with a clickable map of the world with areas identified by different colors. Click on an area to get a list of countries in that area; click on a country for the icons of each instrument originating in that country. Each search method soon leads to instrument icons. The icons are linked to descriptions and histories of the individual instruments. The site is beautifully illustrated and orchestrated by the University of Michigan.
  • Music is..and the Value of Music in Education - a home page by James Hubers on the value of Music Education.
  • Music Resources on the Internet
  • MusicEducator's DR - Concert Band Recordings - MusicEducator's DR is committed to continuing to provide excellent reference recordings of band literature. Each volume is programmed to include literature encompassing a variety of styles and technical requirements.
  • Musicians Institute - This is a most encouraging site about the power and benefits of music education.
  • Musika Lessons - We are a music teacher organization offering music lessons throughout the country, with over 450 select teachers on our roster.
  • Sheet Music Online - The Johns Hopkins University Sheet Music Online and the Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection.
  • Suite 101 - Suite101.com, located on the World Wide Web at http://www.suite101.com/, provides a solution to the chaotic information flow of the Net by offering to its members a comprehensive and efficient way to find high quality sites on the Web -- fast.
  • Underground Music Archive - IUMA is the one stop for all your Internet music needs
  • Welcome to MusicSearch
  • Welcome to the American Music Conference! - A service to all those who care about the importance of music, music making and music education.
  • Welcome To The American Music Information Resource Guide
  • Yahoo! - Entertainment:Music:Education
  • zZounds Music Discovery Center - Musical instruments from around the globe. If you are looking for a well known instrument or even a not so well known instrument, zZounds is the place to go. A well organized site that is well designed.

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