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Searching The Internet

Finding Information

    About - The Human Internet, where real people help you get whatever you want from the Web. Each site in the network is run by a professional Guide who is carefully screened and trained by About. Guides build a comprehensive environment around each of their specific topics, including the best new content, relevant links, How-To's, Forums, and answers to just about any question.
    Ask Jeeves - Metasearch site with an interesting twist. Ask Jeeves asks you to post your query in natural language. For example, to find information on college scholarships, enter "Where can I find information on college scholarships?" Ask Jeeves will respond with your results. One disadvantage, Ask Jeeves does not filter out duplicates like Metacrawler.
    Big Chalk - Chalk. It's what teachers and students use to share information. But now there's bigchalk.com. bigchalk.com uses the Internet to put everyone closer to the information they need. Big Chalk is a huge online academic research directory, with over 12,000 hand picked links and 70 special school subject search engines. It's designed exclusively for students from K-12 through College level. The links provide access to specific information and research sources covering hundreds of school subjects.
    Dogpile - Metasearch site "The Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool".
    EdView - The EdView Smart Zone is a search engine that accesses the best teacher-reviewed educational sites on the Internet. Altogether, these websites include over ten million web pages. For ease of use, the sites are categorized by grade level and subject area and have educator-written descriptions. The search engine also supports full Boolean text searches.
    Excite - One of the oldest and best search engines available.
    Galaxy - Simple-Fast-Human-Vertical. Galaxy employs the best of technology and human expertise to organize information in a way that makes it both understandable and highly relevant to users' needs. As part of this process, we eliminate adult content, hate sites, and sites with little or no content of value.
    Google - Google searches more sites more quickly, to bring you the most relevant results. In addition to providing easy access to over 1.6 billion web pages, Google has added many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for. Image Searchs New, Web Page Translations, PhoneBooks, PDF Files, Stock Quotes, Cached Links, Similar Pages, Who links to you?, Site Search, I'm Feeling Lucky, Dictionary Definitions, and Street Maps.
    HotBot - HotBot.com is an award-winning smart, sophisticated search engine with more than 40 tools to help users better articulate their searches and get relevant search results quickly and easily.
    Lycos - a leading portal, offers Internet users a fast, easy and efficient way to make sense of the Internet and manage its vast resources. It combines leading Web search and navigation resources, deep content in vertical areas, communications and personalization tools, and a complete shopping center.
    MetaCrawler - One of the best metasearch sites available. Metacrawler translates your queries into a form that will return results from Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, etc. then sort and display the combined results.
    Profusion - Another metasearch site. More intricate interface than Metacrawler, but it lets you customize your search with options for selecting which one of the nine supported search engines to query. Profusion also has strong support for Boolean searches.

Finding People

Finding Places

    Map Quest Interactive Atlas - MapQuest.com's award-winning web site helps millions of Web visitors get to where they need to be each day. By simply typing in an origin and destination, or even just a city and state, visitors can get driving directions, create customized maps, view nearby businesses and points of interest, and plan a trip with lodging, restaurant and city information.
    Maps On Us - Consistently ranked as one of the top 20 most visited travel sites on the Web, Maps On Us provides advanced mapping and driving directions throughout the United States. In addition to offering Maps On Us as a destination Web site, Switchboard leverages Maps On Us technology to tightly integrate mapping services directly into its White and Yellow Pages directories.


    Internet Connection Testing Center - Does your Web surfing feel like it's hitting some rough waters today? Point and click seeming more like point, click, and wait? Whatever device you may be using - cable modem, ISDN connection, or dial-up modem - variances in Internet connection speed are common. Here at our Internet Connection Testing Center, we can quickly and easily measure the speed you are currently connected at.
    Line Speed Test - Want to know how your connection to the web stacks up? This service will run a quick test that will compare your connection to DSL, cable modems, and more. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

    Network Tools - Network tools includes ping, tracerout, DNS look-up, xwhois, e-mail validation and more.

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