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The front of McConnell - Park & Gwin Insurance

Some Background Information on McConnell - Park & Gwin Insurance

In 1918 when Roy H. Park was serving with the U.S. Army in France he accepted an offer by Sherm Mussetter to purchase Sherm's interest in the real estate and insurance business in Victor. When he returned from World War I Roy went into business at 216 Washington Street in Victor. In 1947 Roy was joined by his son, Richard, who had by this time finished his education with a law degree from the University of Iowa. Richard practiced law and also became an insurance agent and real real estate agent.

In 1973 Roy retired and George McConnell from Hartwick joined Richard in the insurance business, forming McConnell-Park Insurance, Inc.. Due to the expansion of the insurance business the building to the south, Wentland's Grocery, at 218 Washington Street, was purchased by Richard and the building was remodeled. The pot belly stove was replaced by a furnace, the old walk-in meat cooler was taken out and replaced by electric typewriters, adding machines and copy machines (and later computers and FAX machines), carpeting was put down over the wooden floors, dropped ceilings, and a new front was put on the building, hiding the ceramic tile entry. Richard and George moved the insurance business into this location in 1976. A few years later, Richard sold his law practice to devote his time to insurance and real estate. In 1990 he sold his partnership in the insurance business to Ruth Gwin from Victor who had been secretary for Roy and Richard since 1964, and later for the merged insurance agency, a total of 25 years and another name was added to the business name, McConnell-Park & Gwin Insurance.

The Staff of McConnell - Park & Gwin Insurance

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