Shadow Travels

Here you will find a journal of some local trips I have taken on my Honda Shadow. Most of them will be to quirky Iowa landmarks, but some will take me other places. It could just be for a ride to some town I've never been to before. Pop open a link and enjoy the ride...

I decided if I was going to take these trips I would need something to write in while I was actually on the trip. I figured when I stopped for lunch or a break I could jot down some notes about where I had been, what route I had taken, places and people I'd seen. I didn't want some flimsy spiral notebook so I picked out a nice hardcover journal. It has the Manadrin symbol for simplicty on the front.

Simplicity. Simplicity.


First Train Robbery in the West - I take a trip to Adel, Iowa to see the marker of the First Train Robbery in the West committed by the James/Younger gang on July 21, 1873. I also get to see the Adel Smiley faced watertower. I guess that's a bonus.

Albert The Bull and the Tin Man - On my way to Wall Lake I take parts of the Western Scenic Byway to see Albert The Bull. You know something? Albert has huge gonads. Also I journey to the mythical land of Smithland, Iowa to see the Tin Man. (Disclaimer: Smithland is not really mythical. It's actually really dull.)

Poky, The Grotto, and The World's Largest Bullhead. Oh yeah, and a duck. - Disney's latest masterpiece? Hell, no! It's more of my trip!

Pictures - Some pictures from my motorcycle trip last summer. Just a few. I am working on finally getting the trip all typed up. Hopefully will have that up sooner rather than later.

But You Didn't See Me - A poem about being a biker. The Author is unknown.