My Motorcycle

My first real bike was a 2002 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe, 600 CC. The "deluxe" part of it means it had the chrome package. I paid extra for it and the first time I had to polish it all I thought I might have made an error in judgement. I soon came around as the chrome gives it a bit of extra visual flare. I went with the color purple as it looked really good with the chrome and it seemed all the other 600 CC Shadows I saw that summer were black.

I bought a 2005 Honda Shadow Aero in Spring of 2005. There are not many of these around here and the few that are have the two-tone paint scheme so I went with basic black this time. Black and chrome looks awesome. And even though the Aero is only a 750 CC bike, it is a decent size and girth that gives the black and chrome a menacing look.The Aero also has a retro style to it that black paint fits very well.