Here are some links to different parts of the net that I occasionaly find worth my time. You may or may not. Anyone looking to me for advice on where to browse to on the Internet is accepting a certain level of risk anyway. You are warned. - What's an ooo-er? Oh boy, it's a hot 70's chick in a crappy Italian horror flick. If you're nice to me, someday I'll tell you what 'makins are. - The man, the myth, the jackoff that owes me 7 bucks. Anyone who collects it will get 10% as a collection fee. Be careful though, Dash is the epitome of the phrase "Bad Ass Mofo". - Did you know solar flares are radioactive? Me neither. - A motorcycle site created by a guy from Alabama who loves to ride and write Trip Journals afterwards. I got the idea to write my own after reading his. - The best videogame site on the net for whatever you need. News, reviews, video's, cheats, it has it all. - Gabe and Tycho are two of the funniest guys on the planet. A webcomic I never miss. - Do you have friends that tell you to go to some innocent sounding website and when you get there it's so disgusting you want to puke? Me too. I use wikipedia to get a text description so I know what they are referring to without having to subject myself to it. - I am not coulrophobic. I do not fear clowns. But they are creepy people who hide behind grease paint and wigs and funny balloon shaped animals. That is not normal behavior. They are not to be trusted. Also, grease paint smells kind of gross. - Who rules? The Bruce rules. - My favorite author on the planet. He maintains a good blog that is enjoyable to read. Also, a really nice guy in real life the few chances I've had to speak to him.