I have a small collection of books and comics signed by their authors. My favorite is my signed First Edition hardcover of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. This was a New York Times bestseller and is the first novel in history to win the Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, and Locus Awards for Best Novel. This was signed on 2-15-04 in Minneapolis MN at a Talking Volumes Public Radio event.


Neil Gaiman, Signed 9-18-2004, DreamHaven Books, Minneapolis


Chuck Palaniuck, Signed Summer 2004, Kansas City, MO

I sent a fan letter to Chuck once. He sent me back a box with a nice letter, a small stuffed animal he called my Power Mole, a necklace he made for me, a box of chocolates, a jesus night light, some temporary tattoos, and something else that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Here is a picture of my Power Mole wearing the necklace Chuck made me. You can't see it in the picture, but the beads around the necklace spell out To James Toms from Chucky P.