"Owls, Frodo
& more!"

Who gives a Hoooot... I know I'm cool...
This is the female barred owl.

Please indulge me while I spend some time with happier times.
My way of hunting has always been with a camera - not a gun.
Using a camera takes as much stealth & patience as someone uses
when hunting with a gun. There's one huge difference though - with
a camera you leave things as you found them. You also build trust with
all you come in contact with. Trust is so important and should never be
taken lightly. I've never understood this idea that humans should decide
who is to live today and who is to die. Just think how insane it really is. Here's
an example: Let's say that you are a Prong horn antelope living your life on the
high plains of Montana or maybe you're a Grizzly bear living in the Rockies just
trying to live out your life as best as you can. Well you get the idea - the Prong horn
and the Grizzly are tending to their business - survival. Okay - now picture a person
that lives miles from where the Prong horn and Grizzly live. This person has decided that
he/she just has to have a trophy to make himself feel big and important. So he/she takes a
little trip to the *home* of the critter that the person has decided should die. To die for
this person's ego - what a terrible and shameful waste of a life.

I've always wanted to see more then one moon in the sky.

I just love this sunset!

This is a Burrowing owl.

Screech owl baby 2.

Screech owl baby.

And here's one of the parent screech owls.

When Frodo was a pup I made the mistake of climbing this tree in front of him. Naturally he wanted
to climb that same tree so I helped him up. He was so cute I couldn't help but laugh *with* him. Of course
I stayed with him and kept him from falling - he was, after all, just a baby. That tree was Frodo's tree
and from that day on he would climb that tree. Frodo always enjoyed sharing a laugh and he would go out
of his way to put a smile on your face.

Well look at that - a deer.

Silly Frodo climbing a tree.

Isn't she pretty.

Longeared owl.

How about 3 moons!

Owl hunter Frodo.

I've had many dreams with
the sky filled with many yellow
to orange moons. It's so beautiful!
Heck - just take multiple exposures
with your camera.

Me & Frodo

My beloved Frodo.

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