Living with Multiple Sclerosis
Life with an unwanted guest.( my life under construction...)

Hi. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in June of 1986 . After many years of strange physical problems - it was good to have a diagnosis . At least I wasn't *just* crazy or lazy . One Dr. told me that I had 'house wife' syndrome & prescribed an anti-depressant . I have come to terms with this MonSter but, it has been difficult at times. I don't often dwell on all the things I can't do anymore - I'm just thrilled to be able to still do what I can do. :) It's also amazing how creative a person can be while they are trying to explain to themselves what could be causing their legs & feet to all of the sudden be totally numb upon getting up one morning . I must have slept wrong - that's what happened... I felt like I was walking on marbles & I was barely able to walk at all . My hands shook uncontrollably & I had to drag my right leg while I walked . I started to fall all the time & my vision was blurred . I couldn't even put my hands in my pockets because they would just fold-up . What the heck was happening to me !?! I use to take the stairs 3 at a time & I loved to climb trees & run with my dog, Frodo . I use to go for long walks in the woods with Frodo & take pictures of the Barred owls & other wildlife . We use to go rock hunting for hours - I miss that person (& Frodo, too...) . That all seems like a dream to me now . Please do all you can to live life to it's fullest & try to help others when you can - it will be very much appreciated . At least M.S. has caused me to slow down & really *see* the world . Stop & *really look* at a sun set - It's quite lovely... :)

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