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I just had to include some pictures of orchids. Orchids are so beautiful! Due to multiple sclerosis I am unable to continue to take care of my outside garden and that has been difficult to accept. Orchids to the rescue ! In the past I had considered growing orchids but, I mistakenly thought that orchids were out of my price range. Not so. If you purchase seedlings or younger plants they don't cost that much. The biggest drawback that I have discovered is the addiction side to orchids. Just one isn't enough! I have decided that I can refrain from buying anymore as long as I stop checking to see what the online nurseries have to offer. The first orchids I purchased were in July of this year, 2001 and so far the orchids seem to be happy. Therefore - I'm happy!

Catt.Brown Eyes
© 2004 Kathy Kramer

© 2004 Kathy Kramer

This is the new Phal. that my Dad gave me.
© 2003 Kathy Kramer

This is the Phal. that my Dad just brought to me. He got it at 
Lowe's. It seems to be healthy plus the roots are green & healthy. The tag that it 
came with just said Phalaenopsis - no name. It's just beautiful & I love it!
© 2002 Kathy Kramer

Phal. schilleriana
© 2003 Kathy Kramer

© 2004 Kathy Kramer

Phal. Happy UFO
© 2004 Kathy Kramer

Phal. Snowflake

© 2004 Kathy Kramer

The Orchid Mall This is a great site for information on growing orchids plus a list of online orchid vendors.

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