*My Brother*


Photo©Kathy Kramer
Water effect by
Ibon Tolosana.

Bob and his Son,Dylan
and Bonnie.

Bob, Dylan & Bonnie.

Me, Bob & a little intruder 'Debbie'.
" I just loved my
big Brother! "

Bob was my big Brother and my best friend. He was larger than life
in my eyes. My world was complete as long as my 'Bobby' was by my side.
My little corner of the world seemed just about perfect. Then one day a little thing
called a 'baby Sister' came along - apparently to stay. Needless to say I wasn't
exactly thrilled. I wasn't about to share my Brother! What's a girl to do? Oh well - she
was kind of cute - I guess. As long as Bobby was still my Brother things will be okay.
I always felt safe with my big Brother.

Bob,Debbie,me & Flexo(my kitty).
Bob,myself,Debbie,Toby & Mom.

As we all know things change. When I was 5 our world was turned upside down
and if not for Bob being my lighthouse in the storm - I don't know what I would
have done. I remember one night in particular when he gave me comfort and also a
promise. I was crying and I just couldn't seem to stop. Bob held me while I cried and
he said that he would keep me safe and that he would always be there for me. Like
I said - things change and certainly not always for the better.

This is one of Bob's paintings.

"Autumn Flight"

This is one of his best paintings.

Bob was an artist. I wish I had pictures of his other paintings but I don't.
He was intelligent and good-hearted and a lefty. He loved to read. He also absolutely
LOVED music. He could see things that other people missed. His laugh was contagious and
I would give anything to hear it once again. The only way that I can deal with the loss of Bob
is to live in my own personal time warp of sorts. I find it easy to just pretend that
he's still alive and we are just unable to see each other because he's too far away. The
reality is too painful to deal with - I can't do it. He is a huge part of me and he always
will be. If any one is reading this - and you are lucky enough to have a brother or
a sister - treasure the time that you spend together - please.

Bob decided to end his life on August 19th 1998. I miss him more than I can say
& I will never get over the loss. He was my rock - my port in the storm. How
could he do that to me - what did he think I would do without him? :-(

Me,Bob & little Sister Deb.

Bob & Dale (or Diz) in Bob's studio.

Bob, me & Diz.


©2004 Kathy Kramer