(the 1st)

Toma and his sister Poppy came home with me on a cold
March evening. I carried the little devils inside my coat for the car ride home.
They were well adjusted, healthy little babies. They had grown-up under the watchful
eye of a German Shepherd and so they were use to dogs. They weren't the least bit put off
by my dog, Mari Jane. Their energy and intelligence amazed me! They loved to cuddle
each other and me. They could have won awards as the best lap cats known to human kind!

Ever since Toma was a baby he use to crawl up my leg by very carefully
hooking his claws into the denim of my jeans until he would reach the waist of my jeans.
At which point I would take him into my arms and hold him. He never once touched
my skin with his claws - not once. He was a gentleman and a true friend.

Toma was an Uncle twice. His Sister, Poppy, had 2 litters - the 1st one was planned - the 2nd
wasn't. Toma just loved his nieces and nephews and he took care of them like they were his own.
In many ways Siamese cats are like dogs in their behavior. They are very attentive to their
human family members. Like the canine needs their pack - the Siamese needs their family.

Me - kissing the top of Toma's little head.

"Boy - birth is hard work!"Uncle Toma - with his head on the box that held his nieces & nephews.

Toma & his niece,Byrd, doing what they did best.

When Poppy died in my arms Toma did not behave in the way that *I* thought
he should. In my ignorance I held that against him for years. One day it was finally pointed
out to me that everyone deals with loss in their own way and in their own time. Such a simple
statement held such truth and somehow I hadn't been able to see that for myself. Just because
someone deals with grief differently than I do doesn't make their grief any less than what I feel.
The thought was life changing for me - thank you Diz. I do believe that reliving our past should
be cathartic on some level. Either that or it's all for naught. I learned so much from the critters in
my life. I know that I can never give back half of what I have received but, I will be their
champion for the rest of my life. I will do what I can.

Poppy's 2nd & last litter. Poppy & her little ones.

Toma didn't care too
much for *puppy* Frodo!

Sweet Mari Jane
Mari Jane - She was Toma's 1st canine friend.

Time has a way of
building friendships
that are life long.

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