Frodo - my little boy.

Hi! My name is Frodo!

Frodo came into my life when I needed him the most . I had just had a hysterectomy , due to cancer , and I didn't know which way to go . I was so young at that time . Frodo was my dream dog . I will always remember the day I met him - it was a magical day . It was my Birthday and it was a hot & humid day . The high for the day was 105 in the shade . When I first saw Frodo and his siblings they were at play - seemingly unaffected by the oppressive heat . They were obviously healthy and happy . As I pulled into the yard of the breeder one puppy captured my eye - I couldn't take my eyes off of the little guy . I was interested in getting a male and the pup that captured my heart turned out to be a male . What luck! There was something special about him and I can't find the right words to explain it . I know that I sound a little silly but, he seemed to be glowing! It was as if we knew each other and had been waiting for this moment . When we actually met it was as if he was saying; " Well it's about time you got here! Let's go home!" I was a little worried about the drive home since I was alone and therefore the only one to take care of Frodo plus drive . Well - I needn't have worried! He was so relaxed and well behaved there wasn't any problem . All the way home he laid with his head on my lap and just looked up at me with a puppy smile on his face . I talked to him and told him the name I wanted to name him . By the time we got home - about 20 minutes - he had already learned his name . He was so intelligent it was almost frightening . He never failed to amaze me . He was basically house broke within 3 days . All you had to do to teach him anything was just to show him what you wanted once and he had it . It was a little difficult to teach him to come because he never left my side . He was my soul mate - my best friend . My life has never been the same since he's been gone . When he left me, due to cancer, I had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my Siamese, Toma, had just lost his life because of renal failure . Within 3 weeks my whole world was just gone . I've never been the same . I had and do have furry friends . I'm not sure if the pain a person lives with after they are gone is worth it or not . All I do know is that I need their little furry faces in my life . If they weren't in my world I couldn't go on . The world would be a cold and lonely place without them .

" This was my new Mommy!
She said that she had been
waiting a long time for me . "

"Frodo was 8 months old
in this picture ."

"Frodo was a little over
a year old in this picture ."

Frodo loved climbing his tree.

"Frodo - he will always
be a part of me..."

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