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" My goodness - how time flies. All my little kitties are adults now. They have all been spayed or neutered, too. I still think that they are my little ones & I don't see that changing any time soon. ;-) At the moment little Puffy & Felix are missing & I fear that they have fallen prey to coyotes.

Ma Ma cat discovered the joy of being spayed & she feels like a kitten each & every day. She just wants to play non stop - she's a sweetie. She's also very intelligent & she never misses a thing. She is still a great mother to her kids & she seems to enjoy their company.

As for my Toma girl - she is still fighting the good fight. She still enjoys the simple things in life - such as laying in the sun & watching the birds. Playing on the floor with me & testing who is the fastest one (she wins that contest...). Sharpening her claws on her scratching pads & keeping her coat in tip top shape (she IS the Queen after all...). Her jobs are endless & she takes them seriously. She sleeps with me every night & we leave the bedroom together every morning (she still takes the lead - of course...). I'm still giving her 1 Prednisone every other day. She's hanging in there - she is my life & I love her more each day..." >^.,.^< 06/19/06
It is now Jan. 8th, 20007 & my Toma girl has passed on. She was put to sleep on Dec. 15th, 2006 at 3:45 PM. Our Vet came out to our home to do it. I was with her every step of the way - just like I had promised her. She is now past the pain & as for me - I miss her terribly every moment of my life....:-(

Beautiful Little Puffy.

Gorgeous Felix Girl.

Sweet natured Little Devil.
Little Devil

Wise & calm Ma Ma Cat.
Ma Ma cat.

Ma Ma & loving Little Man.
Little Man.

Katie the evil ruler.

Cowboy the pushy unsure one.
But he has a kind heart
(when he feels safe.).
Cowboy & Little Man.

Little Man, Little Devil & Ma Ma.

Toma - the Queen...

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