TRENDS  (in development)


     Our world is changing faster than ever before. This generation is the first to

experience from birth the advances of the computer age. Instant communication

between widely separated peoples will create an increasing progression toward

less regionalism. This will be observed as a decrease in the power affected by

the various types of political unions. Political unions include everything from

nations to cults as all depend on leaders to increase their numbers.

     As a sociological trend, I do not believe it is reversible barring a worldwide

cataclysm. As the power of established controls diminish, the number of smaller

organisations will increase but their power will never rival that which the older

establishments held. Nationalism is dying and will soon rely entirely on a UN

governance. The major religions will slowly fade away. Racism will be an

unbelievable horror to our childrens grandchildren as slavery is to us.

Professional organizitions will not enjoy the prestige and status of previous

times. Even the rich will find less and less to separate them from the much

less wealthy. And the breakdown of the family unit is not a passing fad.

    Imaginations which once carried us into worlds overlorded by a particular

caste now delve into the realm of future technologies. Many will find

something to fear in the loss of their particular heartfelt union, but control

over another's spirit is indefensible, and soon will be held deplorable.




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