PALEONICS - An index to the prehistory of the world



   This site is based on the premise that each latitudinal and longitudinal section

of the earth's surface has an interesting story to tell, and that current means of

dispensing prehistoric information are either too broad as with states and countries,

or too restricted as with counties, formations and habitats, and that arbitrary

boundaries only confound those of us attempting to relate them to each other.

   There is obviously lots of room for growth. Please help by sending addresses of

sites pertaining to the prehistory of entire latitudinal and longitudinal sections

to me at the address below.

                                  Thank you, Bill Beauvais



Latitude               Longitude             Area


All                    0-360                World --- continental drift


All                    0-360                World --- paleogeography, paleoclimatology


3S-2N                  89-92W               Galapagos --- geology


17-19N                 76-79W               Jamaica --- archaeology


17-19N                 76-79W               Jamaica --- archaeology


36-37N                 94-95W               SW Missouri, NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma --- geology, paleontology, archaeology


37-38N                 94-95W               WSW Missouri, SE Kansas --- archaeology, geology


43-44N                 85-86W               West Central Michigan --- archaeology


43-44N                 86-87W               Western Michigan ---archaeology


63-64N                 168-172W             St. Lawrence Island --- archaeology