It appears to me as though the principal cause of violent behavior in the world is

that people are taught what to learn, rather than how to learn. People tend to teach

others only that which is of benefit to themselves. Enlightened teachers teach

enlightenment so they will not be alone in this world and will have others to

communicate with at their level. Religious teachers teach religious experience so they

will not be alone in this world and will have others to communicate with at their level.

Music teachers, history teachers, pedantologists, and the rest have the same goals, as

do teachers of learning abilities. The difference is between molding a mind and teaching

a mind to more capably mold itself. And the danger is that some fields of study condone

violence in order to put their point across. When the molding of minds is considered a

rational pursuit, the subject matter is simply a matter of opinion. Basic education, I

firmly believe, should be routed away from the teaching of subject matter, and directed

toward the enhancement of perceptual skills.


    Some of the principal areas of teaching this could include:

         1) Pattern recognition and memory skills: Pattern recognition skills enable

            us to perceive relationships and produce critical thinking. Memory skills

            commonly enhance pattern recognition skills.

         2) Symbology and logic: Symbology is not only a study of the various means of

            expression, it also includes the skill of rendering thought into symbols.

            Logic enhances communication of any symbolic system.

         3) Creative skills and idea generation: Creativity and idea generation can be

            enhanced with knowledge, focus, emotion, and other means.

         4) Concept integration: Concept integration involves the ability of the mind

            to incorporate new concepts. Modern pyramidal conceptual building requires

            a solid base on which to build. Our three base means of interaction with

            the Universe - sensation, manipulation, and imagination should be laid out

            early. Also, avoidance of concept conflicts could be attained by stressing

            the common concept behind the conflicting concepts.


    Learning expands the horizons only of those not taught a closed mind.



                                                      Bill Beauvais


                                                      Newton County,MO