Beauvais 15 generations



William Evert Beauvais III (Butch) (b.3/14/52) 

  born of William Evert Beauvais Jr. and Marjorie Dale (Peg) Post

    m. Carolyn Marie (Park, Knapp) Beauvais (b.11/15/52)

        children - Jason Knapp b. 5/2/70

                                   m. Mayra

                                       ch. Marissa


                          Jared b. 1/15/81

                          Jaylee b. 12/7/82

                                m. Samuel Kyser

                                ch. Isaac

William Evert Beauvais Jr. (Bill) (b.8/31/32 ) 

  born of William Evert Sr. and Sophie Frans

       city manager - Whitehall, MI, Neosho, MO

       in US Air Force during Korean War

       sib. Patricia (Pat) Hicks (James) 

                          m. Robert James

                              ch. Terry James (Terencia Beauvais)

                                    Jerry James

                                    Merry James

                                    Robert James

                          m. Ronald Hicks

               Carol Snowfleet (Seaman) 

                     m. Donald Seaman

                         ch. Donald Seaman

                              Nancy Seaman

                     m. Walter Snowfleet

               Earnest (Ernie) 

                    m. Evelyn

                        ch. Susan Beauvais

                             Earnest Beauvais

                    m. Donna

    m. Marjorie (Post) Beauvais (Peg) (b.6/19/33 )

                    sib. Barbara Post

        children - William Evert III b. 3/14/52

             Robert Allen b. 2/3/57

                   m. Annette Grosvenor

                       ch. Jennifer


             James Kevin b. 2/17/59

                  m. Linda Uhing

             Michelle Lynn b. 2/27/63

                   m. Ken Liddle

                      ch. Brandi





William Evert Beauvais (Bill) (Sr.) (b., d.) 

   born of Zotique Beauvais and Mary McCauley

      Major, U.S. Army, Retired 1948

      born in Muskegon, worked at McMullen and Pitts Dredge Co. in Muskegon in 1939, lived in Manitowoc, WI

      past president oflocal rock and gem club

     sib. Richard 




   m. Sophie (Frans) (b. , d. )

      children - Patricia (Pat) Hicks (James)

                       William Evert Jr.

                       Carol Snowfleet (Seaman)

                       Earnest (Ernie) (b. 8/23)


Zotique St. James Beauvais born 1 SEP 1847 in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada 

    born of Jean Baptiste Beauvais and Cleophee Guerin

    baptism 1 SEP 1847 at la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

    immigration about 1877 Muskegon, MI

   entered USA in 1881, settled in Port Sherman MI

   among first breakwater and pier builders of the Great Lakes, worked on the first government improvements

      of the Muskegon Harbor

   member of St. Jean's the Baptiste Church

   died 19 JUN 1927 in Muskegon, Michigan

   obituary 20 JUN 1927 Muskegon Chronicle, "Veteran Harbor Builder Expires" (79 yrs old), after long illness

   1930 Beach St., Muskegon MI

   ship carpenter in Muskegon many years

   with 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren at time of death

   2 brothers Captain James of Detroit and Ernest ofCalgary, Alberta, Canada

   sister in Los Angeles, CA

   married Georgiana Helen Bourdon 18 OCT 1870 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

   married Mary (Maria) McCauley in 1877 at Peterborough, Ontario

      Mary (Maria)McCauley born 22 JUN 1854 in Antrim Co., Ireland

      came to Quebec, Canada in 1874

      died at Mercy Hospital after short illness

      obituary 16 MAR 1939 Muskegon Chronicle (84 yrs old)

      mother of 3 sons engaged in marine work, pioneer French-Canadian settler of Port Sherman 

      member St. Jean's Catholic Church

      1390 Beach St

     with 18 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren at time of death

     children Archibald James born 1877 in Peterborough, Ontario, in Muskegon 1939

                    Richard born in Muskegon, in Milwaukee, Wis. 1939, vice-president of Great Lakes Dredge and DockCo. of Chicago

                    Ernest E. born in Muskegon, superintendent for E.E. Gillen Co. of Milwaukee, builders of part of the Grand Trunk Western 

                             car ferry dock in Muskegon, in Milwaukee 1939

                    Phillip born 15 JUL 1888 in Muskegon, city manager of Manistique, in Royal Oak, MI 1939, occupation: City Manager

                             of Royal Oak 1927, Royal Oak, Oakland, Allegan, and Manistee,Michigan, died FEB 1970 in Manistee, Michigan

                             married Alice Vincent

                   William E. born in Muskegon, later ofManitowoc, of the McMullen and Pitts Dredge Co., in Muskegon 1939


Jean Baptiste (Jacques Louis) Beauvais born 9 OCT 1825 in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

  born of Raphael (III) Beauvais and Catherine Guerin

      baptism 9 OCT 1825 la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec, Canada

      married Cleophee Guerin 3 FEB 1846 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine

           children Anonyme

                          Capt. James born about 1847 in Laprairie, Quebec

                          Ernest born about 1847 in Laprairie, Quebec

                          Zotique born 1 SEP 1847 in La Prairie, Quebec


                          Marie Eugenie born 9 NOV 1851 in La Prairie

                          Joseph Arsene born 27 MAY 1854 in dela Nativite de la Magdeleine

    married Marie Louise Bourdeau 30 JAN 1855 in Laprairie Quebec

          children Frederic Arthur

                         Rose Anna

    married Mathilde Phenix 01FEV 1869 in Laprairie Quebec


Raphael Beauvais III born 15 MAR 1790 in La Prairie, Quebec

   born of Raphael Beauvais and Archange Perras

         baptism 15 MAR 1790 la Nativite de la Magdeleine

         died 9 NOV 1864 in La Prarie (75 yrs old)

         burial 11 NOV 1864 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec

         occupation: laboureur 1820 La Prairie, Quebec

   married Catherine Guerin 30 JUN 1817 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine in Laprairie Quebec

      children Philomene, Joseph Octave, Raphael, Adolphe, Eugenie, Jacques Louis, Theophile, Marie Cesarine, Marie

                     Eusebe Raphael born 3 DEC 1818 in de la Nativite

                     Marguerite Cesarine born 27 FEB 1835 in La Prairie

                     Philomene St. Gemme born 20 NOV 1838 in La Prairie

                     Catherine St-Gemme born 3 MAY 1841 in La Nativite 


                     Rose de Lima born 13 OCT 1843 in La Prairie

                     Joseph Octave born 23 AUG 1820 in la Nativite

                     Theophile born 20 JAN 1822 in La Prairie

                     Catherine Eugenie born 11 AUG 1823 in La Prairie

                     Jean Baptiste born 9 OCT 1825 in La Prairie

                     Adolphe born 12 NOV 1828 in la Nativite

                     Raphael Eusebe born 6 DEC 1830 in La Prairie

                     Marie Leocadie born 1 DEC 1832 in La Prairie


Raphael Beauvais born 17 SEP 1762 in La Prairie, Quebec

   born of Raphael Dominique (Dominique Raphael) Beauvais and Marquerite Lefebvre

       baptism 18 SEP 1762 la Nativite de la Magdeleine

    married Archange Perras 13 AO 1787 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec

         born 21 MAR 1765 in La Prairie

         died 16 AUG 1828 in La Prairie

         burial 16 AUG 1828 la Nativite de la Magdeleine

         children Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph, Raphael, Amable, Louis, Geoffroy, Edesse, Julienne, Louise, Lucie, Esther, Archange, Emilie

                 Archange born 28 OCT 1787 in la Nativite

                 Marie Louise born 17 DEC 1788 in la Nativite

                 Raphael (III) born 15 MAR 1790 in La Prairie

                 Jean Baptiste born 1 JAN 1792 in la Nativite

                Joseph born 1 FEB 1793 in la Nativite

                Charles born 27 FEB 1794 in Laprairie

                Alexis born 5 MAY 1795 in la Nativite

                Pierre born 11 OCT 1796 in Laprairie

                Amable St. Gemme dit Beauvais born 11 JAN 1798 in Laprairie

                Louis born 9 FEB 1800 in La Prairie

                Jean Baptiste born 22 MAY 1801 in la Nativite

                Geoffroi born 11 NOV 1802 in la Nativite

                Julien born 29 MAR 1804 in La Prairie

                Edouard born 29 JUN 1805 in la Nativite

                Lucie born 5 DEC 1806 in La Prairie

                Julienne born 28 NOV 1807 in La Prairie

                Esther born 20 DEC 1808 in la Nativite

                Emelie born 29 MAR 1810 in Laprairie

                Edesse born 9 JAN 1812 in Laprairie

                Medard born 9 OCT 1813 in La Prairie

                Jeanne Olive born 16 JUN 1816 in la Nativite


Raphael Dominique Beauvais born 3 MAR 1729/30 in Laprairie Quebec

Dominique Raphael Beauvais born 2 MAR 1730 in Laprairie, Quebec

   born of Joseph Beauvais and Jeanne Demers

      baptized 3 MAR 1730 de La Nativite de La Magdeleine, La Prairie

      died 23 AUG 1767 in La Prairie, Quebec

      buried 24 AUG 1767 la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec

  m. Marguerite Lefebvre 16 FEB 1756 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec

       Marquerite Lefebvre born 1 DEC 1734 in Lapraire, Quebec

       Marguerite Lefebvre born of Pierre Lefebvre and Marguerite Moquin on 1 DEC 1734 in Laprairie Quebec

          children Jeanne, Marie Anne, Marie Josette, Raphael, Marie Marguerite

                  Joseph born 2 DEC 1756 in de la Nativite de la Magdeleine

                 Marie Marguerite born 12 OCT 1757 in Laprairie

                 Marie Jeanne born 18 JUL 1759 in Laprairie

                 Marie Josephe born 17 JAN 1761 in La Prairie

                 Raphael born 17 SEP 1762 in La Prairie

                 Marie Anne born 22 OCT 1764 in La Prairie

                  Joseph born 18 JUL 1767 in la Nativite


Joseph Beauvais born 8 NOV 1703 in Montreal, Quebec

   born of Raphael Beauvais and Elisabeth Turpin

      married Jeanne Demers 1 MAY 1729 in La Prairie, Quebec

      marriage contract 30 APR 1729 in Laprairie, Quebec

      married Jeanne Demers 24 JAN 1722 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prairie, Quebec

            Jeanne Demers born 14 APR 1699 in La Prairie, Quebec

                 children Dominique Raphael born 2 MAR 1730 in Laprairie, Quebec

                       Josephe born 23 MAR 1732 in La Prairie, Quebec

       married Marie Marguerite Lemieux 11 JAN 1734 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Prarie, Quebec

             Marie Marguerite Lemieux born 9 OCT 1810

                  children Joseph Marie born 1 NOV 1734 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine

                                 Monique born 4 AUG 1747 in La Prairie

                                 Antoine born about 1748 in La Prairie

                                 Marie Josephe born 11 JAN 1749 in La Prairie

                                 Pierre Amable born 28 FEB 1736 in La Prairie

                                 Marie born 1737 in La Prairie

                                 Charles born 29 MAY 1738 in Laprairie

                                 Marie Marguerite born 18 DEC 1739 in La Prairie

                                 Jean Baptiste born 9 NOV 1741 in Laprairie

                                 Augustin born 20 SEP 1743 in la Nativite de la Magdeleine, La Praire

                                 Anonyme born 17 DEC 1744 in La Prairie

                                 Alexis born 15 JAN 1746 in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada


Raphael Beauvais born 15 OCT 1654 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

   born of Jacques Beauvais and Jeanne Solde

       baptism 15 OCT 1654 Montreal, Quebec

       died 21 OCT 1734 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

        in census of 1666 Montreal, Quebec

        residence 19 JUN 1721 Montreal, Quebec, innkeeper, house of 2 stories high, of wood, 20' in

             frontage by 30' in depth, 2 chimneys, affected or lost in Fire of 1721

       married Elisabeth Turpin 24 MAY 1683 in Montreal, Quebec

       marriage contract: 18 FEB 1683 in Montreal, Quebec

          Elisabeth Turpin born 24 OCT 1667 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

                children Marie Anne born 2 APR 1684 in Montreal, Quebec

                               Marie Catherine born 18 SEP 1707 in Laprairie, Quebec

                               Rene Augustin born 28 AUG 1710 in Laprairie

                               Elisabeth born 14 AUG 1687 in Montreal

                               Marie Jeanne born 21 JAN 1691 in Montreal

                               Elisabeth born 6 JAN 1693 in Montreal

                               Marie Louise born 2 SEP 1695 in Montreal

                               Jean Baptiste born 11 MAY 1698 in Montreal

                               Charles born 2 JAN 1700 in Montreal

                               Joseph born 8 NOV 1703 in Montreal

                               Raphael born 26 APR 1705 in Montreal


Jacques (dit St. Jeme) Beauvais born 22 NOV 1623 (1624) in St. Martin d'Ing, Perche, (Anjou) France

   born of Gabriel Beauvais and Marie Croniere ou Crosnier

   occupation: chaufournier

   record of sale of a sheep to Jacques Beauvais in 1652 in Montreal (editor - Beauvais family newsletter)

   died 20 MAR 1691(1690) in Montreal, Quebec

   immigration: 1652 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

   married Jeanne Solde 7 JAN 1654(1653) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

   marriage contract in Montreal, Quebec

        Jeanne Solde born about 1632 in La Fleche, Angers, France, died 11/12/1697 at Montreal

                born of  Martin Solde and Julienne LePotier

       came in La Grande Recue of 1653

       children Raphael born 15 OCT 1654 in Montreal, Quebec

                      Barbe born 28(29) AUG 1656 in Montreal, Quebec

                      Marguerite (Marie Marguerite) born 30 AUG 1658 in Montreal

                      Jean born 26 SEP 1660

                      Jean dit Jean-Baptiste (Jean-Baptiste) born 7 OCT 1662

                      Jacques born 13 DEC 1664

                     Marie Charlotte born 26 JUN 1667

                     Etienette (Marie Etiennette) born 21 SEP 1669

                     Jeanne born 15 JAN 1672(1673)


Gabriel Beauvais born in Perche, France ??

      born 1600 of St. Martin d'Inge

      born of Francois Beauvais and Marie Tichot

     died St. Martin d'Inge

      married Marie Croniere ou Crosnier (Cronier, Crevier?) in France

              Marie Croniere ou Crosnier born in Perche, France

              children Jacques (dit St. Jeme) Beauvais born 22 NOV 1623 in St. Martin d'Ing, Perche, France


Francois Beauvais born in Perche, France

     born 1580

     m. Marie Tichot born in Perche, France

         children Gabriel born in Perche, France??





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