Post  Genes


Marjorie (Peg) Dale Post b. 6/17/1933

       m. 1951 William Evert Beauvais Jr. b. 8/31/1932

       children - William Evert III b. 3/14/1952, m. 2/27/1983 Carolyn Marie Park

                      Robert Allen b. 2/3/1957, m. 5/13/1978 Annette Grosvenor b. 7/7/1959

                      James Kevin b. 2/17/1959, m. 6/17/1978 Pam Hulin (div.), m. Linda Uhing

                      Michelle Lynn b. 2/27/1963, m. 1984 Ken Liddle (div.)


Robert Leroy Post b. 2/2/1909

        parents from Traverse City or Kingsley, upper MI

        m. 8/29/1930 Florence Sattem b.6/25/1914

        children - Barbara Jean b. 4/5/31(4/20/1931), m. 1/21/1950 George McCrary b. 12/4/1929

                       Marjorie Dale b. 6/17/1933, m. 1951 William Evert Beauvais Jr.


Arthur Leroy Post b. 11/7/1883, b. 11/17/1882, d. 5/29/1959

        m. 12/25/1903 Nellie Layman (Laymen) Pierce (ad.) b.4/4/1886, d. 3/22/1962

        children - Robert Leroy b. 2/2/1909, m. 1930 Florence Sattem

                       Harold Arthur b. 4/1/1920, m. 9/18/1936(9/26/1936)(1937) Jean Hansen b. 9/21/1919, d. 3/13/1940,

                            m. 8/25/1940 Laura Jean (Jean) Graham b. 8/27/1923

                       Francis (Frances) Irene (L.) b. 5/10/1905, m. 6/21/1930 Roger Skutt b. 5/14/1905

                       Ralph Arthur b. 5/6/1910(5/16/1910), d. 6/11/1965, m. 8/19/1937 Margaret Devine b. 4/24/1912

                       Marjorie (Theo Marguart) (Margie) Theo b. 12/28/1916, d. 3/30/1972, m. 8/29/1933(1934) William

                            E. Ruddy (Rudy) b. 1/27/1914

                       Beatrice (Bea) Marie b. 7/6/1918, m. 4/29/1935 Joseph Humbarger b. 12/15/1914


Alpha Hoyt Post b. 9/291858, d. 1/20/1928

        1921 in Battle Creek

        m. 12/24/1879 Emma Sabra Crane at Clinton Co. MI

        children - Arthur Leroy b. 11/7/1883, m. 12/25/1903 Nellie L. Pierce (ad)

                       Elmer Delevan b. 2/4/1881, d. 3/24/1945, m. 8/17/1905 Dora Westervelt (b.3/9/1881, d.4/11/53)

                       Floyd (Floyde) Alpha b. 2/2/1887, m. Jennie LaVere

                       Fredrick Burton b. 9/28/1891, d. 5/1945

                       Rena Arville (Arvillie) b. 10/12/1894, m. 1919 Andrew E. Peck



Edward Delevan Post b. 9/8/1836, d. 8/28/1921, buried Stiloon Cem.

        1921 lived in Ovid MI

        m. 9/25/1857 Eliza A. Wilber, b. 7/4/1837, d. 9/26/1879

              children - Alpha Hoyt b. 9/29/1858, d. 1/20/1928, m. 12/24/1879 Emma Sabra Crane (d. 8/3/1916)

                             Edward Cheney b. 1/25/1860, d. 9/25/1918, m. 5/30/1883 Katherine A. Moore

                             Francis (Frank) Denison b. 9/29/1861, d. 10/25/1945, m. 4/221886 Emma Mower(d. 12/16/1942)

                             William Henry b.3/71863, d. 8/8/1909, m. 6/1/1891 Elizabeth Burnham (b. 4/12/1864, d.12/1940)

                             Charles Arthur b. 11/11/1864, d. 5/8/1937, m. 5/6/1891 Francis Woodams (b. 12/2/1869)

                             Minnie Eliza b. 7/26/1866, d. 4/4/1901, m. 1888 Clayton Barnes, m. 1900 Joseph Shumaker

                             Ida Julia b. 4/7/1868, d. 3/1/1919, m. 5/6/1896 Riley J. Woodruff

                             Eva (Evangeline) Marie b. 12/20/1870, d. 5/10/1941, m. 9/1/1892 Fred Burt (b.7/4/1873, d.12/27/52)

        m. 2/28/1883 Elma G. (S) Barnes at Clinton Co. MI, d. 4/16/1927

              children - Ina Lucille b. 4/25/1892, m. 9/22/1914 C. Howard Gee


Henry (Deacon Henry) Post b. 2/16/1797 in Rutland VT, d. 9/17/1881 at Victor MI, stone at Stilson cem.

        Victor Twsp moved to Michigan Territory 1831

        m. 9/19/1822 Eliza Denison dau. of Wm H. and Iola Higley Denison by Rev. Amos Drury, d. 12/27/1883

                (3/27/1887)at Victor MI, stone at Stilson Cem. Victor Twsp, b. 1/27/1801 in Rutland VT

        children - Edward Delevan b. 9/8/1836 in London MI, d. 8/28/1921, m

                       Henry Denison b. 3/26/1824 in Rutland VT, d. 7/20/1897, m. 1848 Anna F. Coatsworth

                       Hoyte Guernsey b. 11/26/1827 in Rutland VT, d. 4/27/1903, m. 1854 Julia Ann Camp

                       Helen Maria b. 2/15/1830 in Rutland VT, d. 1900, m. 1847, 1848 (8/29/1849) Porter Phineas Pierce at Clinton Co. MI

                       Charles Francis b. 3/2/1834 in London MI, d. 4/30/1915, m. 1865 Charlotte Dobbin Taylor

                       Mary Elizabeth b. 6/20/1841 in London MI, d. 8/16/1904, m. 3/11/1863, (1862) Jacob Gibbard

                       infant son b.7/25/1826 in Rutland VT, d. 7/27/1826

                       infant son b. 6/14/1832 in Rutland VT, d. 6/16/1832


Simeon Post b. 4(or 10)/19/1753 in Saybrook, CN, d. 12/11/1841, stone in Rutland Cem.

        served in Revolutionary War both on land and on sea and recieved pension from government in

              latter part of his life

        enlisted 1/1/1776 - 1/1/1777 - private in Cpt. Christopher Ely's Co., Colonel Samuel H. Parson's

              Connecticut Reginent, waiter to surgeon's mate Gershom Beardsley

        enlisted 5/1777-7/1777  - guard at New Haven under Ensign Dibble in Connecticut troops

        enlisted 10/1777-1/1778 - in Cpt Issac Gallup's Connecticut Co., marched to RI and was in

              General Spencer's Rhode Island expedition

        1778 - served 7 mo.s as marine on "Oliver Cromwell" under Cpt Timothy Parker, sailed from

              Boston, 2 prizes were taken

        moved to Rutland, VT

        members of Congregational Church of Rutland, East Parish

        m. 4/19/1782 Mary Hull b.1/16/1764 in Kilingworth, d. 2/21/1826, stone in Rutland Cem.

        children - Henry b. 1797

                       Simeon b. 12/16/1782, d. 12/15/1807 of consumption

                       Weltha b. 5/4/1785, d. aged 72, m. Jos. Capron and moved to Dunham, Canada East

                       Polly b. 9/6/1788, d.11/1860, m. Olivet Ford

                       Bela b.3/1790, d. a small child

                       Lucy b. 12/7/1793, d. 8/7/1808 of fever

                       Alpha Hull b. 6/30/1801, d. 4/11/1871 in Rutland, VT, stone in Rutland Cemetary, m. Mary

                               Cheney d. 10/5/1877, stone in Rutland Cem.


Benjamin Post b. 1/3/1703

        m. 1/2/1734-5 Mary Colt

        children - Simeon b. 4/19/1753, d.12/14/1841, m. Mary Hull

                       David b. 10/1/1735, d. 12/17/1803, m. Deborah Ward of Guliford








Daniel Post b. 11/28/1673 in Saybrook, CN

        born of Abraham Post and Mary Jordan

        m. 8/29/1699 Mary Rutty

        children - Benjamin b. 1/3/1703, m. 1/2/1734-5 Mary Colt by Rev. Worthington

                       Daniel b. 2/28/1700, m. 1/28/1724-25 Sarah Stevens

                       Samuel b. 6/7/1708

                       Issac b. 6/19/1713

                       Cornelius b. 9/22/1717, m. 6/12/1743-44 Sarah Kelsey


Abraham Post b. around 1640 in Newtown (Cambridge) Massachusetts, d. 1690 in Saybrook, CN, b. c. 1640 at Hartford, CT, d. c.

                 1691 at Saybrook, Middlesex, CT

        born of Stephen Post and Elinor Langley (Panton)

        1667 - Ensign of Saybrook Train Band

        1676 - Head of Fort for 5 or 6 years

        5/1680 - appointed Lieutenant of Saybrook Fort by governing council at Hartford, CN

        1685 - elected representative from Saybrook to General Court of Hartford, CN

        (1)m. 1663 Mary Jordon daughter of Mrs. Ann Jordan (Clark) of Guliford, CN, b. c. 1640, d. 3/28/1683, d. 3/23/1683 (1684)

               born of John Jordan and Ann Bishop

        children - Daniel b. 11/28/1673, m. Mary Rutty

                       Steven (Stephen)b. 12/3/1664, m. 6/14/1692 Hannah Hosmer

                       Ann b. 5/4/1667

                       Abram (Abraham) b. 6/6/1669, m. Elizabeth Stevens (Stephens) c. 1692

                       James b. 3/14/1670-71, m. 1/29/1700 Sarah Douglas

                       Hester (Esther) b. 12/14/1672, d. 1/1/1673

                       Jordon b. 5/27/1676, m. 11/17/1703 Phebe Lay

                       Joseph b. 2/6/1677

                       Mary b. 2/21/1679

                       Ellener (Ellinor, Elinor) b. 2/10/1682, d. 12/25/1740, m. 2/10/1708-9 Jonathan Parker

       (2) m. Lydia Buckland


Stephen Post b. 11/27/1608, b. around 1596 at Hollingsbourne (Hollingbourne) KEN ENG, d. 8/16/1659 at Saybrooke (Saybrook) CT,

                 b. 10/17/1596 in Otham, Kent, Eng.,

        born of Abraham Post and Ann Hunter

        poss. buried in "Old Cemetary" at Westbrook, CN

        carpenter of Otham, Sussex, England

        came from around Kent

        member of congregation of Rev. Thomas Hooker of Chelmsford, Essex, England (Puritans)

        came from Gravesend, England with Higginson Fleet to Newtown (Cambridge) CN 1630-1631 and was

                 allotted 12 acres of land on south side of river and also some meadow land

        arrived in Boston on the "Griffin" 9/4/1633

        listed as freeman in 1634 and father of 3 children all born in England in Newtown (Cambridge) Mass.

        migrated to Conn.with Rev. Hooker and founded Hartford, CN

        name inscribed on "Founder's Monument" at Hartford, CN

        1635-36 moved to Hartford, CN with Rev. Thomas Hooker, one of the original proprietors

        1639 appointed Lieutenant and directed to complete House (Fort) on the River (Hartford)

        1641-2  was constable of Hartford

        1648-9 sold home in Hartford to Thomas Gridley and moved to Saybrooke, then under jurisdiction of New

                 Haven Colony

        estate at decease inventoried 442 pounds 3 shilling

        m. 10/17/1625 Eleanor (Ellen, Eleanore) (Elinor Langley) Panton of Langley,  Hertfordshire Co. in Hollingbourne,

                           Kent Co., England., b. around 1600 at Chelmsford ESS ENG, d. 11/13/1670 in Saybrook, Connecticut

           children - Abraham b. around 1640 (1531 in England) prob. in Hartford, d. 1690 in Saybrook, CN, m. 1663 Mary Jordan (dau.

                                  of Mrs. Ann Jordan (Clark) of Guliford, d. 3/28/1683-84), remained in Saybrook

                       John b. 1626 in England, d. 11/7/1710 in Norwich, CN, m. 3/10/1652 Hester Hyde (dau. of Wm

                                  Hyde, d. 11/13/1703), among first settlers of Norwich, CN

                       Thomas b. around 1628 in England, d. 9/5/1701 in Norwich, CN, m. first 1/1656 Mary Andrews (d.

                                  3/1661, first person to die in Norwich, CN), m. second 9/2/1663 Rebecca (dau. of O.

                                  Bruen of New London), among first settlers of Norwich, CN

                       Katherine (Catherine) b. around 1629 in England, m. first 9/9/1649 Alexander Chaulker of

                                  Saybrook, CN, m. second 1675 John Hill of Guliford


Abraham (Van der) Post (Poste) b. around 1573, b. 5/18/1566 at Hollingbourne, Kent, England, d. 7/22/1639 at Hollingbourne, Kent, England

        born of Thomas Post and Susannah Van Gelder, born of Thomas Post and Thomzin

        baptism - 10/6/1573 at London, England

        brother of Arthur

        m. Annie (Ann) Hunt (Hunter) 4/26/1595 at Hollingsbourne Kent, ENG, b. 1568 Hollingbourne, Kent, Eng., d. 1626 Hollingbourne

            child. Stephen Post

                     Mary Post b.7/17/1608 (1616) in Otham Kent Eng., m. William Buell (Sir Robert), d. 9/1/1684 in Windsor CT


Thomas (Panwell) Post b. 1530 at Hollingbourne, Kent, Eng., d. 10/29/1571 at Hollingbourne, Kent, England

       born of Peter Arnold Van Der Poest and Maragtretje Bogert

       m. Thomazin (Thomzin)

            child. Abraham b. 5/18/1566 in Hollingbourne (Otham), (b. c. 1556 at Otham, Kent, ENG), (b. c. 1546 at

                         London ENG of Pauwell Vanderposte), Kent, Eng., married Ann Hunter 4/26/1595

       m. Susannah Van Gelder about 1557

                   born of Abraham Van Gelder

            child. Abraham Post, bapt. 10/6/1573 London, Eng.

                     Sarah Van Der Poest, bapt. 10/6/1573 London, Eng.

                     Susanna Van Der Poest, bapt. 1/18/1578 London, Eng.

                     Jan Van Der Poest, bapt. 11/5/1579 London, Eng.

                     Arthur Van Der Poest b. 1580, bapt. 8/26/1580 London, England

                               deed-will drawn 6/14/1644 gives 2nd son Stephen and his wife Margaret, all his lands, tenements, and

                                    herediments in Estling

                               m. Bennet Lambe in Maidstone, Kent County, England

                                        children - Stephen b. 11/27/1608

                                                       Richard b. 2/4/1607, in 1644 in New England, came from around Kent, evidently part of group

                                                              which went to Southampton, Long Island

                                                       Panwell b. 9/3/1609



Peter Arnold Van der Poest b. about 1500

         born of Peter Post and Annatie Snydom

         m. 9/1539 Marrgrietje, m. 9/13/1539 Maragtretje (Maragrietje) Bogert

         children - Jan (Jon) Van Der Poest,

                       Thomas (Pigot) Post


Peter Post

         born of Goosen Post and Jantje Van Zul

         landed in 1399 in or near Elspet

         m. Amatie Suydam (Annatie Snydom)

               born of George Snydom and Else Myers

         children - Peter Arnold Van Der Poest

                        George Post- migrated to Maidstone, England, County Kent

                        Jan Post


Goosen Post

         1376 AD - a burger of Arnhem in Gelderland of the Netherlands

         m. Jantje Vanzul (Van Zul)

                born  of Peter Van Zul and Jane Rapalje

                children - Peter  Post

                               George Post



Walter Post 

        grandson of Heinrich Post

        1399 AD - had land granted to him in Braunschweig



Heinrich and Ludwig Post

        1273 AD - witnesses to deed whereby mansions of Counts of Holstein were sold to an Abbey

                               near Hildesheim

        Heinrich progenitor of Gossen Post branch



Adolph Post 1030

        1030 AD - member of Reichstag of Menden


Herron Von Post

        980 AD - active and prominent part in siege and taking of Nettleburg (later Schaumberg)



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