Age Determination


Many different methods are used to determine ages, and about 230 are listed in

Chronological Studies & Dating Methods, along with 212 synonyms, 15 time scales, and

47 chronological studies. With the dating method, it's mode of action, useful time period,

materials dated, measures investigated, synonyms, and some local labs are listed. This

information was extracted from the internet, and a Google search will verify and provide

much more information.


Other pages include associations of databases, time periods, and materials with

Chronological Studies & Dating Methods. Also a syllabus is presented which divides the

dating methods into form, tissue, molecular, atomic, and electronic event discriminations.



Chronological Studies & Dating Methods

Dating Methods/Pattern Recognition proposed syllabus

Chronological Studies & Dating Methods - Time Periods

Chronological Studies & Dating Methods - Materials

Chronological Studies & Dating Methods - Databases



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