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Calling Features


Calling features                             

Call Forwarding    

This feature permits you to have calls to your number forwarded to another number when you plan to be away.  Your phone will ring one time for each call, but you can't answer it.
    Turning Call Forwarding on:
        1.  Dial 72. Listen for the dial tone.
        2.  Dial the number to which calls are to be forwarded.  (If this is a toll call from your telephone, you will be charged for all forwarded calls.)  After receiving confirmation tone, wait 4 seconds for call to complete.  If called party answers, notify the of the call forwarding condition.  If the line is busy or the call is not answered, hang up.  The called number is stored and forwarding is activated whether the call is answered or not.

Three-Way Calling

This feature allows you to make a call while holding a previously established connection.  You can then have a three-way conference.
    To establish a second connection, do the following:
        1.  Flash your hook switch.  Listen for three bursts of dial tone.
        2.  Dial number of third party.  (If third party doesn't answer, flash your hook switch to return to the original call.)
        3.  When the third party answers, flash your hook switch to set up a three-way conference.  If either of the other two parties hangs up first, you will still be connected to the remaining part.  If however, you hang up first, all connections are released.

Call waiting

The call waiting feature enables you to recognize and answer an incoming call received while you are busy with a previously established call.  You are notified of the incoming call by a burst of dial tone (call waiting tone).  You can then flash your hook switch to place the original call on hold and answer the incoming call.  A second hook switch flash reconnects you to the original call.  Subsequent hook switch flashes will switch you from one call to the other.  If, when you hear the call waiting tone, you wish to terminate the original call, simply hang up.  The waiting call will then ring your line and you can answer in the normal manner.

Voice Mail

New retention days
Saved retention days
Max. name 
Max. message length 
Max. Greeting 
Max. # of messages
10 (sec)
60 (sec)
30 (sec)

From any touch-tone telephone, simply follow the instructional prompts.

Here's how to get started


    From the phone subscribed to the service:

          1.  Dial 7777

          2.  If prompted, enter your password and then #.

    From a different phone:

Dial 667-4444

           2.  Enter your 10-digit mailbox number.


           3.  Enter your password and then #.


            1.  Access your voice mailbox.

            2.  Press 9 for greeting options.

            3.  Press 1 for greeting options.

            4.  Press 2 to record your greeting.

            5.  Record your greeting and then press #.


            1.  Access your voice mailbox

            2.  Press 9 for the mailbox setup menu.

            3.  Presss 2 to change your password.

            4.  Enter your new password and then press #.

            5.  When prompted to verify the password, enter it again and then press #.


            1.  Access your voice mailbox.

            2.  Your first new message may play immediately.  If not, press 1 to listen to your messages.               You will hear the announcement "You have x new messages and x saved messages."

            3.  Press 1 to listen to new messages.

            4.  Press 2 to listen to saved messages.

     When retrieving messages, you can:

            Press 1  Play message again

            Press 2  Save the message and play the next

            Press 3  Delete the message and play the next

            Press 4  Save the message as new

            Press 5  Reply to the message*

            Press 6  Forward the message to another mailbox*

            Press 7  Skip backward in the message

            Press 8  To pause the messaage

            Press 9  To skip forward in the message

             *Voice Mail package must be set to allow this capability.



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