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Modern Cooperative Telephone Company History
Compiled by Jeff Brower Mgr.

Modern Cooperative Telephone Company was organized on June 3, 1957 in Keswick, Iowa.  Incorporation included the towns of South English, Webster, Kinross and Keswick.  Brown Engineering Company was hired and the Board named an attorney to draw up the Articles of Incorporation.

The Articles of Incorporation were accepted on June 25, 1957, to encompass the exchanges of Kinross, Keswick, and South English /Webster.  On October 30, 1957, Millersburg Telephone Company also became part of Modern Cooperative.  It was not decided until March 10, 1958, to locate the business office in South  English.

The official merger of all exchanges became effective on October 31, 1958.  On October 20, 1958, Modern Coop. employed Floyd Seaba to be manager.  A building for the business office was purchased for $2500 and was previously known as the Barber Shop.  Today, the business office is still located in this same building.

Currently, Modern Cooperative Telephone Company serves approximately 1000 access lines and has a service territory of 306 square miles.  In 1984, Modern Coop. converted to 1 party service and installed digital switching and new distribution cable through out the plant.  In 1988, Alcatel lightwave equipment was installed to provide better service on long distance and extended area service lines to near by towns.  In 1996, the Northern Telecom digital switches were replaced with Mitel switches at South English, Keswick, and Millersburg.

Future plans for Modern Cooperative include the offering of wireless services, DSL and expanded custom calling features.  Recently, information was presented regarding a digital video offering to the independent telephone industry through Iowa Network Services.  If this proves feasible, Modern Coop. may participate in this offering as well.  Additionally plans are currently being made for the construction of a new office and truck storage building.  It is our hope that we can begin operating out of the new facility sometime after the first of the year.    



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