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DSL Service


DSL-Internet service

We are now offering a high speed internet connection.

DSL Speed* and Pricing

512 KBPS                        $20.00/Month                (512kbps download - 256kbps upload)
1.5 Mbps
                         $30.00/Month                (1.5mbps download - 800kbps)3Mbps                             $40.00/Month                (3mbps download - 1mbps upload)
6 Mbps                            $60.00/Month                (6mbps download - 1mbps upload)

Modem Option:
Regular Modem                                       $2.00/month

Wireless Modem/Router                          $2.50/month

**Purchase of modem is offered - price subject to change.

Please be advised that DSL is a distance sensitive service.  Subscribers should optimally be within 18,000 feet of the Central Office or Remote Concentrator Cabinet.

Note  All leased modem users will be required to have a lightning arrestor.

*We will deliver (our best effort) the highest speed available depending on the distance from our office to your   home or business per which option you choose.


Acceptable Use Policy

Network Management Policy


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