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Past pictures

2006 archive

I'm sorry, but I have had to delete the large pictures that the thumbnails link to below this point. My free 20 MB of webspace is full. The pictures newer than 2005 still work.

2005 archive

2004 archive rest of 2004 pictures

September 2004 Emerson Days & museum

January 2004 soil map results (current)

January 2003 cleaning corn cobs

June 2002 planting filter strips and soybeans

June 2001 spraying soybeans

January 2001 harvest pictures

August 2000 soybean planting

June 2000 corn planter and sprayer

April 2000 planter and nitrogen applicator

December 1999 infrared field pictures

September 1999 combines & auger wagon, cob separator, grain trailer

June 1999 nitrogen applicator & Patriot sprayer

May 1999 planter, floater, semi truck

April 1999 old tractor, cleaning weed seed

March 1999 old tool, processing cobs

February 1999 processing cobs

January 1999 combines, old tractors

December 1998 family, geese, cob mulch

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