McGrew Brothers Farm Journal 2013

I'll try to update this journal every Sunday night. I would welcome any comments, suggestions, or general information you might wish to send.

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4/20/14: We are working on equipment. Bill has two days left of NH3. We got another rain today. There have been some people planting corn already. You can see some Easter eggs the kids dyed this weekend here.

4/13/14: Bill has applied most of the NH3. We finally received some good rains, 1.7” so far. It will take a few days to finish after it drys. You can see a picture here of the wheat cover crop that the bar has gone through. It did not disturb it much. The cereal grains are just starting to green up.

4/6/14: Still running NH3. The bar seems to be working pretty well. You can hardly see where it has been. It is starting to get hard to get NH3 in town. The Ag Supply companies are on allocation. You can see another picture of the row units here. We are pretty dry out. We get a few showers and a little snow.

3/30/14: We finished spreading the dry fertilizer with the floater. We have started to apply NH3 with a new type of anhydrous bar made by Ag Synergy. It has rubber roller tracks that hold the residue and the soil in place while the knife goes over it. You can see it here. We are trying it out.

3/23/14: We have been spreading dry fertilizer. We are spreading both phosphate and potash. You can see a picture here. There is some field work being done in the neighborhood. It is supposed to snow tomorrow.

3/16/14: We went to pick up a NH3 bar to demo. We drove the old the straight truck here. We started hooking it up to the tractor.

3/9/14: It warmed up and got over 60 degrees today and slightly muddy. The fields are very dry out. We could use some rain. You can see us storing some soybean seed in Pro Boxes here.

3/2/14: Still cold out. We have hauled some corn. The price of grain has risen the last few weeks. You can see a picture of a rainbow we took last fall here.

2/23/14: Same field as last week, but with snow over it now here. We have been going to a lot of winter meetings. I have been going to some cover crop meetings. That is our farm in the background.

2/16/14: We hauled some corn and spread some lime this week. Corn has been going down in price the last few months and soybeans have been going up. The fields are dry. You can see some cracks in the ground where we parked the trucks at harvest here.

2/9/14: We had six inches of snow this week. You can see a drift here. We are waiting for it to warm up a bit to haul some corn. They were spreading some lime last week before the snow.

1/26/14: We finished hauling the rest of the soybeans. The markets have been very volatile and have been trending downward. You can see a picture of us dumping corn in the drag at harvest here.

1/19/14: We hauled some more soybeans and put on some ag lime. We had to pull the auger flighting out of the bin to get it going here.

1/12/14: We are trying to find some warmer days to get back to work outside. You can see a picture of my daughter here and her friend leading the horses back in November.

1/6/14: It has been bitterly cold out the last few weeks. It got down to -15 degrees Sunday night. We have held off hauling grain when it is so cold. The diesel fuel does not work as well in the cold as it used to. Here is a picture of one temperature cable out of the five they installed in our corn bin. We plug in a hand held device to read it. It is an OPI Integris.

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