Live Data from my Well.

What is this?

  Current Well  Temperature:       oF

   Pump is currently:                         

   Heaters are currently:                  

   System Status:                            OK    

             How the data gets to your screen
                             from my well.!

Why monitor the Well?

The reason the well house is monitored is since the tank and some piping are above ground it needs to be heated.  Two years ago the heater quit working and needless to say I didn't have any water.  So I came up with the idea of monitoring the temperature and tripping an alarm if it dropped below a certain value.  The project has evolved into monitoring the temperature, tracking when the pump runs, when the heater is on and placing all this on the internet.  I also plan on adding an e-mail feature to this so if I am at work and my heat goes out it will notify me automatically.