Items listed here are things I would really enjoy setting up, but due to the lack of time, they 
are probably only a dream.  Check back in 30 years when I retire! 


1) Add a Web Cam on my house, install a sensor in my driveway to detect a vehicles motion, post the       vehicle image on a web page and have the computer notify me by pager, if I am not at home, that someone has arrived.

2) I live in the country along a paved county road.  Not a lot of traffic but a lot of lead foots.  I have always wondered what the average speed is.  I came up with the idea of installing photoelectric sensors about 40 ' apart along my property line.  Each sensor would be wired to a microcontroller that would record the time between a car passing in front of each sensor.  That time could then be used to calculate mph.