Keosauqua, Iowa
Riverview Inn
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Should you desire more modern accommodations wth TV and telephones, the Hotel Manning has two motel annexes adjacent to the historic Hotel.
The Riverview Inn is a newer building with 14 guest rooms each having two full size double beds. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available. Four pair of the rooms have connecting doors and can be a two bedroom suite. They all have hair dryers, microwaves, refrigerators and high speed wireless internet.
Ten of the rooms have patio doors facing the Des Moines River and outside sitting areas, either a patio on the first floor or a balcony on the second floor.
Four of the Riverview Inn guest rooms are non-riverview rooms as they are located on the side of the building without the patio doors.
For the budget minded, another motel annex contains five guest rooms. These rooms are slightly smaller, all smoking and less modern than the Riverview Inn.
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