807 5TH ST, BURT, IA 50522

This agreement is made between Majestic Rose & Co. and ____________________________________________________________________

As contractor, Kim M Reutzel agrees to provide the following service(s) which shall include:

________Keynote Address __________ Banquet _________Training Seminar

The date of presentation:________________

The hour of presentation:_______________

The location:__________________________________________________________

Upon signing this contract, a deposit of $ __________ shall be made to the speaker to reserve this date. Upon the day of presentation, the client will pay Kim M Reutzel the balance due. Expenses will be figured in the cost of the engagement when booked.

Total cost of engagement:______________ . Expenses extra, traveling and lodging.

The client will not be allowed to record Mrs Reutzel's presentation.

Video and audio needs for the presentation will be the responsibility of the client.


____________________________________ Date _________________

Kim M Reutzel

Client:_________________________________ Date _________________

Company ______________________________

Special considerations or needs of either party: