OUR LORD never allows Himself to be surpassed in generosity. Hence it will be readily understood that He lavished the greatest marks of His favor on those persons who placed themselves entirely at His disposal for the foundation of this devotion, and sacrificed themselves for that end; such as St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Claude Father de la Colombiere, and several others, both at that time and also at a subsequent period, who were instrumental in the same way.

Apart from those individuals, ... definite and distinct promises are given to the following states of life: the religious, the sacerdotal and the secular state.

(a) Religious will find in this devotion a means in itself sufficient of re-establishing in even the most degenerate communities the early fervor and exact observance of their rule; whilst it will lead those who are already advanced on the right way to the summit of perfection. They have this promise given to them by the Divine Heart: If they honor it and place themselves under its special protection, Our Lord will pour out the unction of His love upon the community, and should they have the misfortune to lose His grace, He will ward off from them the blows of divine justice and reinstate them in His favor.

(b) Priests, who labor for the salvation of souls, shall receive the power of touching the most hardened hearts; they shall see their efforts crowned with marvellous success if their own souls glow with sincere devotion to the Divine Heart of Jesus.

(c) Persons living in the world shall receive all the graces necessary for their state in life; that is to say: (1) Peace in their families; (2) assistance in their work; (3) the blessing of Heaven upon their undertakings; (4) consolation in their difficulties; (5) they shall find in this Sacred Heart a secure refuge during life and more especially at the hour of death.

At the conclusion of this enumeration of Our Lord's promises St. Margaret Mary exclaims: "Oh, how sweet it must be to die if, during one's whole life, one has persevered steadfastly in devotion to the heart of Him who after death will be our Judge!" >

(Adapted from “The Glories of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus” by Rev. M. Hausherr, S.J.)