Rules of Play (1999 Edition)


Each team owner in the League drafts and coaches his own team of NFL players.  Each team plays a weekly schedule of games and is matched against another team of another owner in the League.  The owner whose players perform better in that week's NFL games is the winner.  Every week, teams compete alongside the NFL until a League champion is determined.


The La Porte City Money Football League (LPCMFL) consists of up to sixteen (16) teams organized into four (4) divisions, Aggressor, Black & Blue, O.J. and Dream.  There are four (4) teams in each division.  Prior to the beginning of the season, each owner pays a franchise fee of $15.00 to $20.00 (depending upon when the fees are recieved by the Commissioner's office) which is used to build the Prize Pool.


For the first thirteen (13) weeks of the NFL season, LPCMFL teams play against one another head-to-head with wins, losses and ties noted in the League standings.  During Weeks 14 through 17, all LPCMFL teams enter the playoffs.  Also during Week 17, all teams submit an All-Pro starting lineup composed of any NFL players.  The team amassing the most All-Pro points wins $15.00.


The initial prize pool is built with franchise fees paid on or before Draft Day.  During each week of the season, the LOSING team of each game pays $0.10 per point for the difference between their score and that of the team that beat them.  This fee increases to $0.20 per point in the playoffs.  Any team that has more than $3.00 owed due to losses sustained in league play will not be allowed to make any kind of roster change or transaction until all fees are paid in full and at least $3.00 paid into the team's escrow to cover future losses. Failure to pay for games lost will subject the owner of the team to expulsion from the LPCMFL and forfeiture of any future prize money earned by their franchise.

 LPCMFL Champion          70%
 Runner-up          30%
 Division Champions (4)    $15.00
 Best Wild Card teams (4)    $ 5.00
 Best regular season record   $15.00
 Team scoring the most pts. (season)  $15.00
 Team scoring the most pts. (1 game)  $10.00
 Week 17 All-Pro winner    $15.00
The winnings of the Champion & Runner-up are determined after deduction for the other prizes.


The League owners select a Commissioner whose job it is to run the annual Draft, purchase prizes, record game scores and standings, maintain a free agent list and resolve disputes between owners.  All decisions of the Commissioner are final and there is no right of appeal.


There is no roster protection or retention of players by LPCMFL teams from year-to-year.  Each year, each LPCMFL franchise drafts a new roster of players and draws a new division assignment.  There is no guarantee that any team will have the same star players from one year to the next or that the same teams will be assigned to the same division.  In this way, every team owner starts from scratch every year, giving every owner and equal chance of becoming LPCMFL Champions.  Draft order is selected by lot based in reverse order of the team's win-loss record the previous year--worst selecting a new draft order and division first and the Champion selecting last.  The team holding chit A-1 then drafts first, B-1 second, C-1 third, D-1 fourth, etc.  D-4 being followed by a second pick, followed by C-4, B-4 , etc. until A-1 makes selection #32, followed by selection #33, followed by   B-1, C-1, etc.

Each team drafts a roster consisting of the following:

 2 Quarterbacks
 4 Running Backs
 4 Wide Receivers
 2 Tight Ends
 1 Kicker
 1 NFL  Team's Offensive Line
 1 NFL Team's Defense/Special Teams and
 1 NFL Head Coach

A team may never have more than the above 16 players, offensive line, defense and coach on its active roster at any one time.  This limitation does not apply to teams on injured reserve.

In any year in which the Draft will be held before the final NFL rosters are set, all LPCMFL teams will be allowed to make roster changes before the first games of Week 1 of the NFL season for any players drafted who do not make an NFL roster.  Such replacements for drafted players not on any NFL roster are free of charge.


Prior to the start of each week's NFL games, each team must submit a starting lineup to the Commissioner consisting of the following:

 1 Quarterback
 2 Running Backs
 2 Wide Receivers
 1 Tight End
 1 Kicker
 1 Offensive Line
 1 Defense/Special Team
 1 Head Coach and
 1 Designated non-starter (for Overtime)

If a team fails to submit a starting lineup prior to the start of the week's NFL games (usually noon Sunday--unless Thursday or Saturday games are played) the Commissioner will assume there are no changes and the previous week's lineup will be used.  No roster changes are allowed from the first game's kickoff until 9:00 a.m. Tuesday mornings.


Whenever a player on a team's starting lineup scores in his NFL game, he scores for his LPCMFL team as well.  Points are awarded as follows:

 TD - rushing, receiving, returns or fumble rec. 6 pts.
 TD - pass         4
 Field Goal         3
 Extra Point        1
 Two point conversion (rushing or receiving)  2
 Two point conversion (passing)     1
 Safety         2

 For scores of 50 yards or more, points are doubled

 Bonus Scoring

 100-199 yd. rusher/200-299 yd. passer   3 pts.
 200+ yd. rusher/300-399 yd. passer    5
 400+ yd. passer        7
 100-199 running back or receiver receiving yards 3
 200+ yds. receiving       6
 Defense - sacks, interceptions & fumbles recovered 1 each
 Defense - NFL team shuts out opponent   10
 Defense - NFL team holds opponent under 10 pts. 5
 Defense - NFL team holds opponent under 20 pts. 3
 Defense - NFL team allows 30-39 points      -5
 Defense - NFL team allows 40+ points      -10
 Defense - NFL team allows under 100 yds. rushing 3
 Interceptions thrown (any player)       -1 each
 Offensive line - 150-199 team rushing yds.  3
 Offensive line - 200+ team rushing yards   5
 Offensive line - no sacks allowed    10
 Offensive line - 1 sack allowed    5
 Offensive line - 2 sacks allowed    3
 Offensive line - 3+ sacks allowed       -1 each
 NFL coach win/lose         +3/-3

If a matchup between two teams ends in a tie after computing all of the above scoring, the tie is broken in the following sequence:

 a)  Scoring of designated non-starter, if still tied then
 b)  Yards of designated non-starter (3 pts. awarded), if
  still tied then
 c)  Tie stands

Special teams players score for a defense/special team ONLY if they are free agents.  If they are listed as starters or are non-starters for another LPCMFL team, no points for special teams play will be awarded.  Any points will go to the LPCMFL team which drafted the players (if they started).  For example, if Qadry Ismail returns a kickoff for a TD, the LPCMFL team with the Minnesota Def./Special Teams gets the TD ONLY if Ismail is also on that LPCMFL team OR is a free agent (on no LPCMFL team), otherwise, the team with Ismail gets the TD, if he started.

The League Office endeavors to be completely accurate in compiling scores for the League's teams.  In the event of a scoring error, it is the responsibility of the team owner(s) in the game concerned to bring the error to the attention of the Commissioner prior to the publication of the next weekly newsletter.  Failure to so notify the Commissioner of the error will result in the error to stand.


If a team owner wishes to acquire a new player or players, free agents are available from the Commissioner on a first come, first served basis.  Players that are replaced which are not on an NFL team's injured reserve list must be waived.  If a player is placed on his NFL team's injured reserve or if he is listed as "out" or "doubtful" as stated in the weekly NFL Injury Summary) usually published each Friday in the newspapers),  the LPCMFL team may opt to reserve him prior to obtaining a replacement.  When a reserved player returns from the NFL's IR, he must be reinstated to his LPCMFL team within one week of his NFL activation or he will be deemed to have been waived by his LPCMFL team.  There is no fee for placing a player on IR or activating a player therefrom.  Acquisition of free agents costs $0.25 per player.  All players acquired as free agents or from the Waiver List (see below) must spend at least one full weekend on a team's roster, unless he qualifies to be placed on IR.


If a team owner removes a player from his active roster for reasons other than a) an LPCMFL trade; b) injury with placement on injured reserve; or c) the player's retirement from the NFL, the player is placed on the LPCMFL Waiver List.  The waiver period for the player lasts from the Sunday of or immediately following the player's waiver through 9:00 a.m. the next Sunday after the player has been on waivers (about 1 week).  During the waiver period, any LPCMFL team may make a waiver claim on any player on the Waiver List, as follows:  1) make a waiver claim on a player; and 2) identify the player to be removed from the claiming team's roster to make room for the claimed player.  If two or more teams claim the same player on the Waiver List, the team with the worse won-loss record will win the waiver claim.  If two teams have the same won-loss record, the first owner in the win-loss record tie making the claim shall prevail.  Each LPCMFL team has two (2) waiver claims it can use during the season, no more than one (1) claim may be used in any week.  Acquisition of players on waivers costs $1.00 for each successful waiver claim.


Teams may trade any number of players to any other LPCMFL team, subject only to the approval of the Commissioner.  The Commissioner may void trades that he, in his sole discretion, deems to be so one-sided so as to amount to collusion.  Trades may NOT involve money between the teams.  A fee of $1.00 per player involved in a trade is paid to the Prize Pool.  Which team pays the trade fee is negotiable between the team owners.  Teams may not trade draft picks.  No trades during the NFL season will be allowed after October 31st.


After 13 weeks, the LPCMFL Playoffs begin.  No new players may be acquired by a team once the playoffs begin  only starting lineup changes or internal shifts to/from a fantasy team's IR are allowed.  In determining Division Champions and the Wild Card teams, the following tiebreakers are used, in descending order:

 a)  Won-Loss Record
 b)  Head-to-Head Record
 c)  Division Record
 d)  Head-to-Head Point Differential (PF - PA)
 e)  Overall Point Differential (PF - PA)
 f)  Coin Flip

This is a "non-keeper" league with a modest pot at stake.  Therefore, in Week 14, all LPCMFL teams are seeded for the playoffs based upon their season records.  The playoffs culminate in Week 17 with the LPCMFL Championship.  The team with the best regular season record plays the team with the worst record; second best record against second worst record, etc.  Regular seeding format is maintained throughout the playoffs (i.e., there is no "reseeding" with every round).  In addition--in the first round of playoffs ONLY--any team which plays a team with a less than .500 regular season record will be assumed to have submitted their lineup with the highest possible score, regardless of the score produced by the lineup which is actually submitted.  This is to help avoid first round upsets of winning teams by subpar teams.  Teams which lose to teams given the optimum scoring bonus will pay into the prize pool the amount based upon the submitted lineup, not the optimum lineup.  In addition, if the optimum lineup beats the opponent but the submitted lineup would not have, the team enjoying the optimum scoring bonus still advances to the second playoff round, but the winning team will pay the points into the Prize Pool, disregarding the optimum lineup, not the losing team.

Copyright 1999, R.R. Lubben, All rights reserved.