I am not an employee of The Avalon Hill Game Company (TAHGC), I receieve no compensation from TAHGC for promoting Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), its game modules or GSASL, nor do I charge anything to anyone who may wish to participate in any GSASL campaign.

I did not create GSASL. I am merely trying to revive what appears to be a fun way for solitaire ASL players and those ASLers with limited face-to-face gaming opportunities to play ASL in an organized way through the use of the Internet and email. Various sources credit Scott Parrish as having a hand in the creation and initial campaign play of GSASL. Our ASL/SASL gaming experience has been enriched because of his work and to him a debt of gratitude is owed. To Scott, on behalf of all GSASLers everywhere, thank you.

I'm still interested in GSASL!

Oops, coming here was a mistake.

Rick Lubben - January 23, 1998

Copyright 1998, R.R. Lubben, All rights reserved.