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First, there was Squad Leader, then came Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), followed by Solitaire ASL. Then came the internet, email and a creation of indefinite origin called Group Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (GSASL).

It remains to be seen just what features I will include on this Page. One thing I knew I wanted to do is get a site up and running for my fellow players of The Avalon Hill Game Company's Advanced Squad Leader ª series of game modules. Specifically, playing Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (tm) on the Internet, by email through a concept called Group Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (GSASL).

  • GSASL: Over the past several months, many changes and additions have been made the GSASL site.  There is information regarding ongoing GSASL campaigns as well as many new SASL Generation Tables for ASL nationalities not currently a part of the "official" ASL/SASL world.  What more I do is subject to my time and interest, but the main thing was to establish and maintain a site for GSASL.   I apologize for having the search engines bring you here first, but I think it is important for all new searches to come here first to follow all of the links I created regarding GSASL. You can bookmark the pages you like and need later. If you're interested in GSASL, click here.
  • Sports Trading Cards: For about 6 years beginning in 1985, I got back into baseball and other sports trading cards (who didn't). After the bottom fell out and the four or five producers became 10+with four or five variations on cards sets for each sport each year, I had enough. I don't even try to collect complete sets anymore. What I do still collect are the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and, to a lesser degree, the Minnesota Timberwolves. I have cards from the early '70s and from 1985-1991. If you have Twins, Vikings or T-Wolves cards to sell or swap, drop me an email.

  • Fantasy Sports: Oh yeah, I'm also involved in fantasy sports. I started the first fantasy baseball league (AL) in my town in 1989. A fantasy football league was added that fall. An NL baseball league began in 1990. We added a second football league in 1992 and all are still going strong. A friend of mine has been compiling all of this League info, history and records on his website here. Just click the highlight of your preference for current season information for our baseball and football leagues.  I may well give you some of the history of my teams, the Lubben Law Dogs (AL); the Lubben Cartwrights (NL); the Lubben Dovers (NFL); and the Lubben Franklins (NFL2) in the future, but, frankly, they haven't been much to write about. Always bridesmaids, never the bride...
  • Law: Oh, sure, I'm an attorney, too. Drake University Law School, Class of 1983. But if you're looking for a lawyer on the Internet, God help you. This stuff is supposed to be a diversion. You know...fun!

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    September 3, 1998

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