I'm working on a VW trike. I intend on putting more pics on this page to walk you through all the work it takes to do this. Believe me, it takes a lot more work and dedication than I ever expected. The current trike started when I bought a bug chassis from a local custom bike fab shop owner (Larry Powers of Wolf Country Customs) for $25 and a case of beer. It came with a transaxle in it and wheel adaptors.

The transaxle had already been partially rebuilt. Larry even torched the chassis in half for me and put me up in his shop for around 6 months while I ground on the bug frame and he welded the initial frame together for me. He also machined out a steering neck for me! Couldn't have done this project without his help.

The trike frame is 1.5"x1.5"x.125" square tubing. This is the way to go, much easier to work with than round tubing. Three of us did most of the design on the core frame itself over many beers and late nights (Larry, Jeff Brooks and me). I then cut the square tube and tacked them in place. Larry nailed it all for me. I eventually bought my own 120v mig welder to handle the smaller stuff and learn the fine art of welding. This is one the best/funest things I did for this project. The 100 amp Century welder is stout enough to handle the 1/8" as long as you prep correctly and take your time. It's amazing how many things you can fix and build with one of these. It's also portable enough that I can take it to the racetrack and run off my smaller generator.

The engine is originally a type 3 fuel injected out of a square back, and was given to me by a guy I work with. It didn't run, so I ripped it down and rebuilt it, changing it to a type 1 in the process. I'd never even touched a VW motor before, so this was a learning experience. It took around 8 months of tinkering, reading, waiting for parts, and machine work. I'm glad I did it so that I can work on these in the future, but I've determined that I would have been money and time ahead if I would have just bought a long block in the beginning.

I originally started this project in 1997 with the intent on rebuilding an abondoned "hard tail" VW trike (basket case) that had been sitting on my property when I bought my house. After a year of dreaming, tinkering around, sand blasting and at last taking it to Larry's shop so we could finish it up(I thought), he finally talked some sense into me and cut me the deal on the bug chassy. This original trike had been hit in the side and had a bent frame. When we got down to taking measurements, there wasn't a straight line to be found. Then I spent a week in the hospital for a bad back. I decided - new trike with suspension. So, as of November of 1999, this trike's life began...


1st Trike

2nd Trike