Walk In The Woods 2000

"God shed his grace on Thee"

I took this picture in September while elk hunting in Colorado. Beaver ponds bubbling with trout and pine trees as far as the eye could see. After noticing the great numbers of hunters and other people seeking recreation in this area, it made me sad. I'm thankful I got to see it before it is gone.

Lost Again

A July scouting trip in Iowa has Nobber wondering where he is at in his own hunting area (as usual). Totally unaware that he is standing in the middle of a main trail. There is nothing more dumbfounding than dragging baggage like this all around the woods only to have him whack the biggest buck everytime. It just goes to show you that life is not always fair.     

Big Mistake

BW's Scouting Rule #1 - "There is no good reason to go into the woods in the middle of the summer." A billion mosquitoes and Poison Ivy head high are just a couple reasons. But someone has to make sure Nobber does not get lost. Then I slipped off the log and went over the yellow line on my burlys into muck that cannot even be identified. It is a good thing Nobber was not within reach.    

September - Iowa

The thick canopy of leaves blocks much of the light.

October  - Iowa

Same stand, but a month later during the last week of October. Much easier to see what is going on around the area. And the rut activity was really picking up.

October - Iowa

This is the same trail Nobber was lost in during the July scouting trip.

No  Mosquitoes

The swamp had all but dried up giving way to a perfect autumn and easier crossing

Spectacular View   

Even when the hunting is slow, with a view like this what more can you ask? We had one of the most colorful autumns last year. Right up to November 6th when it turned to instant winter.  

Great Place to Hang Out

This was a new spot I tried out this year based on the previous years post season scouting experience and topo maps. By far one of the most all around enjoyable places I have ever hunted. I was guaranteed at least one (sometimes many) shot opportunity at 20 yards or less at whitetailed deer almost every time I was there. And a great view to go along. Coyote, Turkeys, Eagles, Mink, Opossum, Raccoon, Rabbits, Pileated Woodpeckers are just some of the wildlife that visited regularly. I just had a little problem with the wind keeping the mature bucks out of reach. But that gives me something to work on this fall. All this fun at the end of a half mile walk in the woods.