BW's Hall Of Fame (page 2)

CW (Chetwheat)


Just like "The Nobber", this guy can do no wrong in the woods. It is a good exercise in humility to hunt with someone like this.

DWS (again)

Greg broke his new bow in with style. I wonder if that's what I need to do? Does the $700 bow harvest bigger game than the $150 bow? My wife says NO!

Nobber (again)

Kevin stole one of BW's hunting spots (as usual) and cleaned house.

Kyle  (Black Cloud)

Like his brother MOOCHER Matt, he reduces the deer populations in MY hunting areas as to provide me a more challenging opportunity.  




Mr. B


An encyclopedia of hunting and outdoors knowledge. Just no time to hunt or go outdoors. If this guy was turned loose to harvest at will, the rest of us would be dining on tag stew.

Two Dogs (again)

In the early days when he figured out what was doing all the damage in the woods.

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