The Misadventure's of BW & Friends (page 2)

DWS was able to get the drop on this guy by painting himself up to look like a nut. (I never noticed any difference)

CW with another Backwater Tuna. (mm mm good)

CW pays the price for not restringing the arrow after one to many armor plated gar.

BW retrieves arrows after CW challenged him to shoot  at the woodpecker hole. It did not look that high from a distance.


DWS does not think much of BW's shortcut. 

Standing on a floating brush pile, The Nobber bravely ropes and hauls in one of BW's deer that ended up in a river. A few seconds later he slipped and went up to his waist in ice cold water. I think the profanity was heard clear back to town. So now I have to listen to how the deer was just a poor swimmer and drowned after I spooked him.

Approach With Caution!

I do not like it when they lay down like they are hiding. I recall having a 200+ # bruiser that I was helping CW track one time jump up right at our feet as we were closing in on him. He took off like a freight train and mowed down everything in his path. (Fortunately it was not one of us). In this photo the deer had expired.

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