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         On Sept. 19-21, I attended the USA/Canada Leadership Forum at Fort Worth, Texas.  I decided a good way to cover this event in my newsletter was to give quotes from some of the speakers.  Who the speakers were is not important; the messages that they gave are important.  Here are the quotes: 

         PIP Bill Biggs, “What’s right with our association?  We make a difference in those around us.”

         IP Kay K. Fukushima, “What’s right with our association?  Our current membership doing what we stand for, ‘We Serve’.   To improve existing clubs, it is nice to have changes in the sameness.     When confronted with a negative person, smile, pivot and move on.”

         ID Peter Cerniglia, “One World, One Heart; Building a Better Tomorrow.  This is our international president’s theme; it is our challenge.”

         LaDonna Gatlin, “Dig very deep, make the tough choices and do the right thing.  Are you going to be the victims of change or the victors of change?”

         Dan Clark, “The difference between greatness and failure are passion, creativity and imagination.  Become more tomorrow than you are today.”

         Amanda Gore, “You should not be afraid of dying; but should make the most of living.  In greeting someone say, Hi! What is the best thing that has happened to you today?”

         John Alston, “Not feeling like doing the right thing is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.  You have freedom of choice but not freedom from consequences.  Life is a gift, don’t trash it.”

         Susie Humphreys, “Don’t waste five minutes of your time listening to someone telling you what’s wrong.  There is the best in everything that happens; the task is to look for it.”

         Vince Poscente, “There are bumps in the road of life; one must regroup and move on.”



         There were many other educational mini-sessions, some of which I attended.  I did receive a “Proceedings Book” with 100 pages of information presented at the forum.  I will loan the book to anyone that wants to read about LIONISM.

         I hope that a few of these quotes might give you the desire to attend a USA/Canada Leadership Forum some day.  These forums are designed for all Lions.  Plan your vacation to include attending the USA/Canada Leadership Forum at Portland, Oregon, on Sept. 18-20 of 2003.




         Plans are rapidly being made to put events with this tour in District 9X9.  The proceeds from the events will go to the Iowa Lions Foundation to supplement, not replace, the generous donations that Lions and our clubs currently make to the Foundation.  To make these events successful, it will require Lions, such as yourself, to help with the event.  You are also encouraged to play in the event.

         One tournament on the tour will be played at Finkbine in Iowa City on Monday, May 19, 2003.  The committee for this tournament is being co-chaired by Lori Short and Pat Mason.  If you desire to assist Lori and Pat, contact Lori at 319-626-6539 or and Pat at 319-339-0655 or

         Another tournament on the tour will be played at Hunters Ridge in Marion on Wednesday, June 25, 2003.   Gary Glockhoff and Don Kirberger are chairing the committee for this event.  If your desire to help Gary and Don, contact Gary at 319-247-2337 or and Don at 319-849-1487 or

         I thank these four Lions for stepping forward when asked to chair these tournaments.




         The Mid-Winter Leadership Conference is scheduled for Jan.10 & 11 at Ames, IA.  The spouses of the district governors have traditionally had a fundraiser, that being a silent auction of theme baskets.  Connie needs your help in paying for items needed to put together several baskets for the auction.  She is asking that each club donate $5 or more to be used for this cause.  The donation can be sent to Connie Inman, P.O. Box 39, Stanwood, IA 52337 or given to her as we make official visits the next few months.  Make checks payable to Connie.  She says, “Thanks for your help.”




         These two awards give your club the opportunity to recognize deserving Lions for leadership and service in Lionism and their community.     

         The G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability at any or all levels, Club, District or Multiple District.  It is given in honor of PID G. E. “Bud” Klise of Stockport, IA.  He served as District Governor in 1976-1977 and as International Director in 1980-1982.  PID Klise exemplified leadership as he served his fellow man.  His life was cut short by a fatal traffic accident.

         The Ralph A. Whitten Service Award is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to the ideals of Lionism at any or all levels as well as any other community service organization.  It is given in honor of PID Ralph A, Whitten of Urbandale, IA.  He served as International Director during the years of 1961-1963.  His service exemplified our Lion motto “WE SERVE” by helping his fellow man.

         To nominate a Lion for these awards, complete the nomination forms included with this newsletter and return them to VDG Judy Terry, 3575 Hanks Drive SE, Iowa City, IA 52240.  The deadline for making these nominations is Dec. 20, 2002.




         The 9x9 Fall Rally will be held on Sunday, Oct. 13, 2002, at the West Branch High School in West Branch, IA.  The registration fee is $12.00, which includes coffee and rolls in the morning, a great   noon meal and a full day of fun and fellowship.  It is not too late to register to attend this event.  Send the completed registration form and a check for the registration fee made out to District 9X9 Fall Rally to Pres. Kent Kaufman, West Branch Lions Club, 536 290th Street, West Branch, IA 52358.




         The meeting for the organization of the Extension and Membership Team on Sept. 5 was well attended by 21 Lions.  The work of this team has gotten off to a rapid start.  The team was divided into five other teams:  an Extension Team for each region in the district, a Certified Guiding Lions Team and a New-Member Orientation Team. 

         Three meetings working on extension were scheduled.  The Extension Team for Region I met on Sept. 26 in Walcott, and the Extension Team for Region III met over coffee in Lisbon on Sept. 28.  A meeting is scheduled for Oct. 10 at 7 PM at Gwen’s Restaurant in Lisbon to visit with interested citizens of Lisbon about Lionism and the formation of a Lisbon Lions Club.  If you desire to participate in this extension work, please contact me, your district governor. You did not need to attend the organizational meeting to become a team player.

         The members of the Certified Guiding Lions Team are working very diligently on their course work.  Certification papers must be filed with Lions International for this team by the end of September.  Members of this team will be trained to work with the new clubs chartered in District 9X9.

         The New-Member Orientation Team has received their materials to help new members in the district learn about Lionism.  I encourage zone chairs, region chairs and club presidents to contact members of this team to set up New Member Orientation Meetings.  I also encourage that all members be invited to these meetings.  Some of us “old time” Lions could learn something also.  Members of this team are Lions Don Kirberger  (319-849-1487 or, PID Norm Dean (563-355-8861 or and PDG Richard Polansky (563-659-3098 or  They are just waiting to hear from you.

         If you, or any Lions you know, desire to serve on any of these teams, please contact me to get involved in extension and membership in District 9X9.







         Are there members of your club that have not paid dues for the 2002-2003 year?  Are there members of your club that have not been to a meeting for several months?  If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, it is now time to do something about it.  Someone needs to contact these members and visit with them about their Lions club.  Let them know that they are missed by other members and their service to the club is important. 

          A policy of contacting members who fall behind in dues payment and club attendance could keep a Lion from dropping his/her membership.  One of the goals of IP Kay Fukushima is  working in the area of retention to cut the number of drops by 50%.  Your help at the club level is very important.




Oct. 1--Davenport Breakfast Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 1--Otter Creek Area Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 2--Delmar Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 3--Region I, Zone II Meeting at Eldridge

Oct. 4-6--Council of Governors Meeting at Ames

Oct. 9--Donahue Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 10--Marion Noon Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 10-- Extension Team Meeting at Lisbon

Oct. 13--9X9 Fall Rally at West Branch

Oct. 14--Glaucoma Testing in Anamosa

Oct. 14--Mount Vernon Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 15--Mechanicsville Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 16--Iowa City Evening Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 17--Oxford Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 20--9X2 Fall Rally at Hampton

Oct. 23--Clinton Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 24--DeWitt Noon Lions--Official Visit

Oct. 24--Region III, Zone I Meeting at Toddville

Oct. 26--9X6 Fall Rally at Villisca

Oct. 29--Region I, Zone I Meeting at Wilton

Nov. 5--Marion Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 6--Springville Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 7--Davenport Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 9 & 10--9X5 District Convention

 in Des Moines

Nov. 11--West Liberty Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 13--Iowa City Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 14--Wheatland Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 18--Cedar Rapids Evening

Lions--Official visit

Nov. 20--Princeton Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 21--Tipton Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 26--Stanwood Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 28--Thanksgiving



         We welcome the following new Lions and Lionesses to our 9X9 family:


Hollie Swain reinstated to the

Durant Lioness Club

Blaine Kelly of the West Liberty Lions

sponsored by D. Phelps

Jeffrey A. Williams of the Low Moor Lions

sponsored by Allen Petersen

Scott A. Anderson of the Cedar Rapids Noon Lions sponsored by Dennis Egle

Teresa Yegge of the DeWitt Noon Lions

sponsored by Greg Gannon

Margaret Thiltgen of the DeWitt Lions

sponsored by Don Thiltgen

Jeff I. Smith of the Princeton Lions

sponsored by David Fanning

Clyde D. Wacker of the Durant Lions

sponsored by I. Henderson

Darin R. Lovelace of the Durant Lions

sponsored by L. Steffen

Ben J. Palmer of the West Branch Lions

sponsored by E. Larew

Michael P. Quinlan of the West Branch Lions

sponsored by C. Kohan

William Hedges of the Eldridge Lions

sponsored by Harold Kroeger

Grace Gotoski of the DeWitt Noon Lions

sponsored by Dick Polansky

Graland Gotoski of the DeWitt Noon Lions

sponsored by Dick Polansky






Oct. 3, 2002, at Eldridge


Oct. 13, 2002, at West Branch


6:30 PM, Oct. 24, 2002, at Toddville


6:30 PM, Oct. 29, 2002, at Wilton


Jan. 10 & 11, 2003, at Ames


Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 at Cedar Rapids and Stanwood


May 30, 31 & June 1, 2003 at Marshalltown


June 30-July 4, 2003, at Denver, Colorado






ALBURNETT--Held their annual Bulb & Broom Sale starting on August 24 and cleaned up the roadside on the county road east of Alburnett on Sept. 24.

ANDOVER--Members participated at the Low Moor Golf Day.

BETTENDORF--Participated in the Bettendorf 4th of July Parade and helped sponsor fireworks with a “Bucket Brigade”, held a Lions Golf Tournament at Palmer Hills on Aug. 15 and served hot dogs and brats on Sept. 8 at the Annual Arrowhead Ranch Roundup Fund Raiser.

BLUE GRASS--Worked 12 hours on recycling project, 36 hours helping seniors and provided 180 miles of needed transportation for seniors.

CALAMUS--Had lunch wagon at an auction sale in DeWitt on Aug. 10 with proceeds going to the scholarship fund.

CEDAR RAPIDS EVENING--Donated $100 to the Iowa Lions Foundation.  Attempting to find another non-profit organization to partner with for a fund raiser.

CEDAR RAPIDS NOON--Purchased 9 eye exams and glasses and provided repair and cleaning for one hearing aid.  Also collected 250 pairs of used eye glasses.

CENTER POINT--Donated $300 to the LJL (Lions, Jaycees, Legion) Hall to purchase a picnic table for the new pavilion.  Sponsored the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus on August 30.  Center Point/Urbana Lions Activity Calendars were delivered to residents and businesses and coloring books were sold at parent-teacher conferences on Sept. 12 and the open house on Sept. 26 at the elementary school.

CLINTON--Club attended Showboat Theater play.

DAVENPORT BREAKFAST--Had a food stand at the Beaux Arts Festival on Sept. 6-8, worked for the concessionaire at a recent PGA golf tournament at Deere Run and are selling Dining Out Coupon Books to expand the glasses fund (the club has donated $735 YTD for eye exams and lenses).  Donated $500 to Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch for their building fund and $250 to the Center for Active Seniors Inc. to sponsor a Local Hero Breakfast on 9/11.

DAVENPORT HOST--Aug. 22-24, collected $2,954.49 on Candy Days, had broom sale the 2nd and 3rd weekends in September and will do a Coming To Your Senses Screening on Oct. 1 & 2.

DELMAR--Collected 56 pints with Blood Drive on Aug. 27 and held a Labor Day Dinner on Sept. 1.

DEWITT LIONESS--Collecting pop tabs for Camp Courageous and stamps for the Veterans.     

DEWITT NITE--Had a Brat Stand as an August fund raiser and helped sponsor “Tailgate 02” Homecoming Party.

DURANT LIONESS--Worked the concession stand at the Jenn Happ Memorial Softball Tournament with proceeds going toward an award to a graduating senior and other donations to the Durant Community School in memory of Jennifer Happ.  Had a float in the Durant Firemen’s Parade.  Had a pancake breakfast and apple fritters at the Durant Polka Fest on Sept. 6 & 7 and helped with the hearing screening at the Durant School.

IOWA CITY EVENING--Held Watermelon Feed for all Iowa City High School athletes.

IOWA CITY HOST--Sold history books and distributed Lions information at the Johnson County 4-H Fair and helped sponsor Irving Weber Days Celebration.

IOWA CITY UIHC--Three new memberships in process and setting up Coming To Your Senses screenings.

LONG GROVE--Held a blood drive on Sept. 12 resulting in 45 units of blood being collected.

LOST NATION--Had the club trolley in 4 parades, sent 2,000 stamps to the Lions Stamps for the Wounded Project , had a Butterfly Pork Chop Stand and a concession stand at the park for Rustic Days and had members work at the Hawkeye Football Games.  The club recognized the services of Lion Gary Willimack by presenting him with a Melvin Jones Fellowship.

LOW MOOR--Sponsored their annual golf outing at Valley Oaks Country Club followed by a steak and sweet corn dinner, held several Coming to Your Senses screenings, served two sales and Camanche Days Car Show with their lunch wagon and participated in a few more parades with their parade unit.

LOWDEN--Held Sweet Corn-Pork Chop Supper with net proceeds of $700.  Donated $100 to Lowden’s Little League Program and $87.50 to Camp Courageous.

MARION HOST--Charity for August:  $300 to Camp Courageous, $100 to Leader Dog (Payment #2), $6 for Lions International Magazine for the Marion Library, $200 to the Marion Historical Museum, $100 to the Marion Fire & Rescue and $50 to St. Luke’s Lifeguard.  Members have been taking tickets for Per Mar Securities at Hawkeye football games and Eye Clinic Information Booth at UIHC.  Charity for September:  $150 for eye exams and glasses for two recipients and $109.57 for repair of the Lions water drinking fountain in City Square Park.

MECHANICSVILLE--Delivered congregate meals Aug. 26 through Aug. 30, played bingo with residents at the Cedar County home and cleaned two miles of Highway 30.

OTTER CREEK AREA--Delivered Meals-On-Wheels, continued park maintenance, held a Coming to Your Senses Program and donated $50 to Kenwood Park Church to help a young man attain a cosmetic eye.  Currently are selling Giant Color Books and are building a new shelter/storage shed at Monroe Park.

PARKVIEW--Held National Night Out at the Parkview School with food and drink served by our Lions and held golf outing with 36 golfers.                  

PRINCETON--Card set-up every Tuesday at Boel’s Community for Plus 55 Good Timers Group, donated $150 to the Princeton Volunteer Fire Department and donated $250 to the Princeton Park Board towards a skate park.                                             

STANWOOD--Had a pie and ice cream stand at the Cedar County Harvest Fest, did two CTYS screenings and had workers at the Iowa Hawkeye football games taking tickets for Per Mar Securities.

WALCOTT--In July, held blood drive collecting 37 pints, sold food & tickets at ball tournament, and helped with Walcott Day Parade, had a 3rd place float in the parade, served food and held bingo games.  In August, held Pork Chop Dinner/Casino Night serving over 300 with the auction bringing in over $400.  Aug. 27 was Spouses’ Night/Steak Fry with DG Official Visit.

WALKER--Co-sponsored the annual  July Homecoming Celebration with proceeds of $1200.  Made donations of $300 to Leader Dog, $500 to Little League and $250 to a family with a terminally ill father.

WEST BRANCH--Lions members have been involved in planning meetings for the 9X9 Fall Rally.

WHEATLAND--Collected 67 pints of blood at the Sept. Blood Drive and 6 members have worked each of the Hawkeye football games for Per Mar.  Donated $100 to a volunteer worker for our summer ball season program.




CENTER POINT--Oct. 2,  Center Point Lions Homecoming Parade

DELMAR--Dec. 8, Festival of Lights and Soup Supper.

ELDRIDGE--Oct. 7,  Eldridge Business Fair

LECLAIRE LIONS AND LIONESS--Oct. 13, Apple Fest at the LeClaire Welcome Center serving brats and hot dogs.

MARION HOST--Nov. 16, Chili Supper at Marion Christian Church serving from 4 to 8 PM.

MECHANICSVILLE--Oct. 13,  Will start the sale of tickets for a Quilt Raffle.  They will be available at the Fall Rally in West Branch.

OTTER CREEK AREA--Oct. 12, Annual Soup Supper at the Toddville Legion Hall serving from 4:30 to 7 PM.

WALCOTT--Oct. 27, Pancake Breakfast at the Walcott Coliseum serving from 7 to 11 AM.