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            As the leaves fall from the trees and the crops disappear from the fields, it is time to start thinking about winter getaways.  One great place to travel this winter for that weekend getaway is the Iowa Lions Mid-Winter Leadership Conference, January 10-12, 2002, at Gateway Center Hotel in Ames, Iowa.  Details of this conference are on the front page of the October Issue of The Iowa Lion.  Mentioned in the article are “luxurious pillow top mattresses, down comforters and feather pillows for all who like to snuggle in on a cold winter’s night”.  For those who want to “think spring” in January, the theme of the conference is “Play Ball!”.  Guest speaker for the Saturday night banquet is PID Bill Biggs from Nebraska. 

            If this sounds like the type of wintertime excitement you are looking for, the registration form for this Mid-Winter Conference is on page 15 of the October Issue of The Iowa Lion. 

            If your club would desire to purchase a club advertisement to be put in the program for the Mid-Winter Conference, the price is very reasonable.  A full-page ad (measuring 3.5 by 8 inches) is $40, a one-half page ad (measuring 3.5 by 3.75 inches) is $25, and a one-third page ad (measuring 3.5 by 2.5 inches) is $15.  These ads can be used to promote the activities or give recognition to members of your club.  Design your ad and send it along with the payment to Lion Jacqueline Bradley, 1120 S. Alice, Sioux City, IA 51106.  The deadline for placing ads is December 10, 2002.

            The spouses of the district governors have traditionally had a fundraiser, a silent auction of theme baskets, at the Mid-Winter Conference.  Connie needs your club’s help in paying for the items needed to put together several baskets for our district’s contribution to this fund raiser.  You can help by sending a donation of $5 or more to Connie Inman, P.O. Box 39, Stanwood, IA 52337.  Make the checks payable to Connie Inman.  Connie says, “Thanks for your help.”





            Try to say Confoscan 3 Corneal Confocal Microscope as fast as you can five times.  No, this is not a tongue twister.  I just want to announce the newest piece of equipment being purchased by the Lions of Iowa for use by the Iowa Lions Cornea Center.  The purchase of this machine was endorsed by the district governors of Iowa at the Council of Governors Meeting on Oct. 5, 2002. 

            The microscope will replace the current microscope which was purchased through an LCIF grant in 1993.  After nearly 10 years of daily use, the cornea center is being faced with greater periods of downtime for maintenance with the old machine.  This new machine is less cumbersome and more comfortable as it is used with corneal transplant patients.  It will also be used in research with the healing patterns in refractive surgery and corneal transplants and the diagnosis of dystrophies, Acanthaemoeba and fungal infections associated with transplants.

            The cost of this new microscope is $50,745.  A LCIF Grant, if approved, will cover one-half of the cost, $25,372.50.  Club memorial donations and patient donations to the Iowa Lions from the past five years amounting to $17,872.50 will also be used.  This leaves $7,500 to be raised by the Lions of Iowa.

            To raise money to help purchase this microscope, I have been taking up collections at official club visits, the Fall Rally at West Branch and zone meetings.  Thus far, Lions of District 9X9 have contributed $662.  Great! 

            I ask the clubs that I visited prior to Oct. 4, 2002, to take up a collection at their next regular meeting and send a check for that amount to me.  Make the check payable to Lions Microscope Fund.  Of course, donations from other clubs and Lions will be appreciated, or you can wait until I make my official visit to your club to make your donations.



            The Lions International Peace Poster Contest is an important way for Lions to encourage peace and understanding for children around the world.  The theme for this year’s contest is “Dream of Peace”.  I would like to commend the clubs that helped foster this with today’s youth by sponsoring a contest this year.

            The deadline for sending the winning poster from the local contest to Clara Cook, 9X9 Peace Poster Chair, is November 15.  Send the poster to Clara Cook, P.O. Box 291, Center Point, IA 52213.  If you have any questions about this, Lion Cook can be reached at 319-849-1874.

            The posters submitted from the local contests will be judged with a 9X9 winner being sent to Council Chair Dale Entner to be entered in the Multiple District (Iowa) competition.  The artist of the 9X9 winning poster will be recognized at the District Convention on Feb. 23, 2003. 

            Now is the time to start making plans with your club to sponsor a Peace Poster Contest next year.  Questions about sponsoring a peace poster contest can be answered by Clara Cook or  myself.




            These two awards give your club the opportunity to recognize deserving Lions for leadership and service in Lionism and their community.      

            The G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award, given in honor of PID G. E. “Bud” Klise of Stockport, Iowa, is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability at any or all levels, including Club, District or Multiple District.  This Lion is your club’s “Leader of the Year” and will be judged to be the “9X9 Leader of the Year”.  The district will forward one nomination to be judged with nominations from the other districts in Iowa to determine the award winner.

            The Ralph A. Whitten Service Award, given in honor of PID Ralph A, Whitten of Urbandale, Iowa, is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to the ideals of Lionism at any or all levels as well as any other community service organization.  This Lion is your club’s “Lion of the Year” and will be judged to be the “9X9 Lion of the Year”.  Again the district winner will be judged with the nominations from the other districts in Iowa to determine the award winner.

            To nominate Lions for these awards, complete the nomination forms included with this newsletter and return them to VDG Judy Terry, 3575 Hanks Drive SE, Iowa City, IA 52240.  The deadline for submitting nominations is Jan. 15, 2003.



             MEMBERSHIP IDEA


            Are there members of your club that have not been to a meeting in several months?  It is now time to do something about it.  Someone needs to contact these members and visit with them about their Lions club membership.  If their response is that they are too busy or have conflicts to attend the regular meetings, I have an alternative to having these members resign from your club.  Suggest that they become affiliate members.  An affiliate member is one who currently is not able to fully participate as an active member because of being too busy with business, family obligations or other commitments but desires to support the club and its community service projects and be affiliated with the club. 

            The affiliate member has nearly the same status as an active member, is reported on monthly membership reports as an active member and counts toward the club’s total membership.  This member pays the same dues as active members but attendance at club meetings is optional.  An affiliate member can vote on club issues when present but cannot hold office.

            An affiliate membership is a great method for retention of current members.




            Remember getting excited as kids when we waited to catch the bus for summer camp?  Do you want to have some fun?  We’re excited! We’re ROARING  to go!  Come with us to the 86th Lions International Convention at Denver from June 30 through July 4 and leave the driving to us.               The cost of taking a bus to the International Convention in Denver is only $100.00 a person based on a 49-passenger bus.  It will stop at selected stops across Iowa to pick up excited Lions for the trip.  For information and to make reservations, contact Jeanie Killam, 209 Lewis Street, Bedford, IA 50833-1140, phone/fax 712-523-2553 or e-mail

Come join the Fun Bus to Denver and leave the driving to us.




            It was reported in the July/August issue of The Iowa Lion that District 9X9 donations to the Iowa Lions Foundation totaled $57,487--not making its budget of $59,000.  At the Oct. 6 meeting of the Iowa Lions Foundation Trustees, a correction was made. It was announced that District 9X9 made its budget by donations and “Gifts in Kind” exceeding $60,000.  The “Gifts in Kind” that were not included were the diabetes test strips used with the Glaucomobile that are donated by the Davenport Host Lions Club.



          I would like to thank the West Branch Lions and the Lions in attendance for making the Fall Rally a success.  A special thanks to State Secretary/Treasurer PDG Matteo Cardella for giving the keynote address.  There were 116 in attendance from 29 clubs, 4 of the clubs being from other districts.  Raffle ticket sales and donations for the Iowa Lions Cornea Center Microscope Fund Raiser totaled $725.  Thanks to those that reached deep into their pockets.

            Put Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 on your calendar.  These are the dates for the 9X9 District Convention which will be held in Cedar Rapids and Stanwood.  Watch future newsletters and The Iowa Lion for details.




Nov. 5--Marion Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 6--Springville Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 7--Davenport Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 9 & 10--9X5 District Convention

 in Des Moines

Nov. 11--West Liberty Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 12--Anamosa--New Club Informational & Organizational Meeting

Nov. 13--Iowa City Host Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 14--Wheatland Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 18--Cedar Rapids Evening

Lions--Official visit

Nov. 20--Princeton Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 21--Tipton Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 26--Stanwood Lions--Official Visit

Nov. 28--Thanksgiving

Dec. 2--Eldridge Lion--Official Visit

Dec. 5--Wilton Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 10--Lowden Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 11--Lone Tree Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 25--Christmas

Dec. 27 through Jan. 7--Vacation trip to Mesa, AZ.






Jan. 10, 11 & 12, 2003, at Ames


Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 at Cedar Rapids and Stanwood


May 30, 31 & June 1, 2003 at Marshalltown


June 30-July 4, 2003, at Denver, Colorado








            Mrs. Pamela Sue Quinn from Monticello, IA, received her replacement leader dog at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI, upon completion of schooling on Sept. 19, 2002.  Mrs. Quinn has been blind since birth due to RLF.  Remember that the cost of a leader dog is approximately $25,000.  Help out by making a donation to Leader Dogs for the Blind.




            Our condolences go to the family of our deceased Lion.  Having served so diligently here on earth, may his soul rest in peace.

Merle Tritle of the Alburnett Lions




            We welcome the following new Lions and Lionesses to our 9X9 family:


Lynda M. Burr-Baker of the Iowa City Host Lions

sponsored by Dave Frantz

Louis King of the Iowa City Host Lions

sponsored by Del Brown

Gregory V. Jensen of the Iowa City UIHC Lions

sponsored by R. Irvine

Lori S. Short of the Iowa City UIHC Lions

sponsored by D. Frantz

Darrel H. Ploog of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Kenneth Bormann

Terry Hoehr of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Maurice Jensen

Paul Weber of the Andover Lions

sponsored by Jack Tietjens

Rhonda L. Brockhouse of the Princeton Lions

sponsored by Ann Tagne

Randy Brockhouse of the Princeton Lions

sponsored by Charles Tagne

Louis King of the Cedar Rapids Noon Lions

sponsored by Keith Lawrence

Roland H. Paulsen of the Durant Lions

sponsored by R. Bockwoldt

Dan W. Peeters of the Long Grove Lions

sponsored by Dale Grunwald

Diane Schroeder of the Mechanicsville Lions

sponsored by Scott Schroeder

Michael L. Clingingsmith of the LeClaire Lions

sponsored by James Spelhaug

Brian Strusz of the LeClaire Lions

sponsored by James Spelhaug

Linda M. Schrand of the Iowa City UIHC Lions

sponsored by R. Irvine

Lesa Kephart of the Durant Lionesses

sponsored by Nancy Steffen

Marcia Schuett of the Durant Lionesses

sponsored by Jeanne Happ

Nikky Whitney of the Durant Lionesses

sponsored by Vicki Meyer

            The Lions of Iowa continue to support the Iowa Lions Cornea Center built in 1975 with Lions help through these latest donations.






ALBURNETT--Held their annual Hunters Breakfast on Oct. 26.

ANDOVER--Held their annual pancake breakfast on Sept. 1 serving 600 people with net proceeds of $1,855 with $490 designated to Diabetes Research.  It was matched by Lutheran Brotherhood to make a total of $980 donated to this cause.  Worked with Goose Lake and Low Moor Lions having a pancake breakfast on Sept. 15 with the proceeds going to Diabetes Research also.  Donated $100 to Camp Courageous.

BENNETT--Held blood drive on Sept. 6, served breakfast fund raiser with the Cedar Land Harvest Festival in Tipton on Sept. 15, had a lunch stand at the Harmel Sale on Sept. 17, co-sponsored the Chordbuster Barbershop Quartet Show with Stanwood and Tipton Lions on Sept. 28 and held a successful Quilt Raffle.

BETTENDORF--Over 70 golfers participated in the 10th Annual Bettendorf Lions Golf Tournament, cooked hot dogs and brats in support of the Arrowhead Ranch Roundup Fund Raiser and Lion Dave Kock received the “Lion of the Year” plaque for the 2001-2002 year.

BLUE GRASS--Helped with community clean up along with recycling, helped with aid to elderly including providing 500 miles of needed transportation and continuing with broom sales.

CALAMUS--Worked an auction sale on Sept. 21 and the CALCO Breakfast on Oct. 13.  Held a CTYS screening on Oct. 24.

CEDAR RAPIDS EVENING--Donated to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser and planning a raffle for a Valentine Getaway.

CEDAR RAPIDS NOON--Provided 11 eye exams and glasses, held a pancake breakfast, delivered used eye glasses and conducted a CTYS screening with 49 children.

CLINTON--Presented Melvin Jones Fellowship to Lion Dwaine Van Buer, broom sales continue and assisted in CTYS screening with 45 children being screened.

DAVENPORT HOST--Held CTYS screening with 60 children on Oct. 1 & 2 at Davenport Kindercare, had sale of Dining Books and Grocery Books and had a Membership Drive Meeting on Oct. 17. 

DELMAR--Had net proceeds of $1425 from Labor Day Pork Roast Dinner, hosted Region II, Zone II Meeting on Sept. 16, sent $50 to each of two families to help with medical expenses, collected 100 pairs of glasses in the last two months, 11 members took tickets at the Maquoketa-DeWitt football game, and co-sponsored, along with the Delmar PTO, a Halloween Party on Oct. 26.

DEWITT LIONESS--Continue to raise funds with monthly club raffle and “Happiness” Basket, collecting pop tabs for Camp Courageous, bar soap for DeWitt Referral Center, canceled stamps for veterans and greeting card fronts for elderly crafters, made donations to Leader Dog and Francis Banta Waggoner Library in DeWitt and helped sponsor a Peace Poster Contest.

DEWITT NITE--Sold pork chop sandwiches at Autumn Fest.  Made donations to Central Education Foundation, LCIF, Iowa Lions Foundation, Leader Dog and Sight First.

DONAHUE--Helped with Frontier Day Activities.

DURANT LIONESS--Made donations of $100 to CTYS, $300 to the Iowa Lions Foundation, $100 to the Close-Up Trip, $100 to a local family who lost everything in a house fire, $40 to the winners of our Peace Poster Contest, $64 to the Polka Fest Committee and to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund  Raiser.  Delivered Meals On Wheels 4 days a week during October, helped with the flu shot clinic and are selling Camp Courageous Fruitcakes.

GOOSE LAKE--Co-hosted a successful fifth annual pancake breakfast fundraiser, serving 356 people, for Diabetes Awareness with Andover and Low Moor Lions. 

IOWA CITY EVENING--Paid $145 for the eye examination and glasses, delivered fund raiser catalogs and made donations of $1,000 to the Iowa Lions Foundation and $300 to LCIF at the District Governor’s Official Visit.

IOWA CITY UIHC--Held CTYS screening with 62 children screened and accepted nonperishable food donations for the local food bank on Oct. 26 at the Iowa City Wal-Mart for “Make a Difference Day” and are currently selling Giant Coloring Books and Pies.

LECLAIRE--Revenue from the Oct. 14 Applefest was $563.  Helped with a community Chamber of Commerce open house for all LeClaire organizations promoting the LeClaire Lions Club. 

LECLAIRE LIONESS--Participated in the LeClaire Chamber Open House promoting our club and sold Apple Pizzas at the Applefest bake sale.  Plans are being made for the Christmas Walk.


LONE TREE--Held a fall blood drive and sponsored Keith Whitlatch’s Trolley Rides at the Old Settlers’ Picnic and Celebration.

LONG GROVE--Paid $302.40 for Quest books purchased by Alan Shepard Elementary School.

LOST NATION--Provided a free eye exam for an elementary student, collected $20.50 for Leader Dog, sent 7,500 stamps to Veteran Stamp Program, turned in 702 pairs of glasses and 9 hearing aids at the Fall Rally and continue to work Hawkeye football games for Per Mar Securities.

LOW MOOR--Co-sponsored, along with Andover and Goose Lake Lions, a pancake breakfast to provide funds for Diabetes Research raising approximately $900 and spent $255 to purchase new glasses for a person.

LOWDEN--Received a Governor’s Award for ten years of ditch cleaning, had the lunch wagon at a farm sale on Sept. 7 and the Cedar Land Festival at Tipton on Sept. 14 & 15 and cleaned our section of Highway 30 on September 26.

MARION NOON--Donated to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

MECHANICSVILLE--Played bingo with the Cedar County Home residents, delivered congregate meals and hosted the Glaucomobile.

MOUNT VERNON--Raised $893 with summer bingo and $801 with spring bulb & corn sale.

OTTER CREEK AREA--Delivered Meals-On Wheels, picked up roadside ditch, continued with park maintenance, selling Giant Coloring Books and held our Annual Soup Supper on Oct. 12.  After two months of construction, the new pavilion at Monroe Park in Midway is nearly completed with great community participation in terms of donated labor and money.  The cost of the pavilion was about $8,000.

PARKVIEW--Had a concession stand at Scott Community College and donated $100.00 of the proceeds to the college.

PRINCETON--Served Farmers Breakfast at the Great River Bank on Sept. 10, had golf outing and steak dinner at Olathem Golf Course on Sept. 18 and held a blood drive and free breakfast on Sept. 28.

STANWOOD--Co-sponsored Barbershop Quartet Show with Tipton and Bennett Lions, completed Peace Poster Contest with 15 entries and awarded the winner a $50 Savings Bond, had a booth at the Stanwood Art and Craft Show selling baked goods and giant coloring books, continue to have members taking tickets for Per Mar Securities at Hawkeye football games, had a frozen fish sale, held a CTYS screening and built a ramp for a handicapped person.

TIPTON--Provided horse drawn trolley rides at West Branch Nursing Home (Aug. 16), River Junction Reunion (Sept. 8, working with Lone Tree Lions) and West Liberty Nursing Home (Sept. 25),  co-sponsored Cedar Land Harvest Festival with Cedar County Historical Society and involved Stanwood, Lowden and Bennett Lions, co-sponsored with Stanwood and Bennett Lions a Barbershop Chorus and Quartets Show, parked cars for Tipton High School football games, held Tipton Lions Hunters Breakfast on Oct. 26 and donated to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

WALCOTT--Collected money with the Birdies For Charity, held a pancake breakfast on October 27 and donated to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

WALKER--Did ditch pickup and planning light bulb sale.

WEST LIBERTY--Formed a committee to plan for the club’s 50th Anniversary, held a CTYS screening and donated $50 to each audiologist who helped and donated $100 to “Dance of Miracles”, a part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

WHEATLAND--Donated $50 to Special Olympics and continue to send 6 members to work each Iowa home football game for Per Mar Securities.



DELMAR--Dec. 8, Festival of Lights and Soup Supper.

DONAHUE--Nov. 13, Chili Supper.

ELDRIDGE--Nov. 8 through Nov.16, Raffle of $100.00 gift certificates at the True Value Hardware Store.

IOWA CITY UIHC--Nov. 16, Will participate in Younkers fundraiser.

LOST NATION--Nov. 23, Bake Sale

LOW MOOR--Nov. 22, Low Moor Lions Feather Party at Low Moor Community Center and Low Moor Lions Omelet Breakfasts on Feb. 2 and Feb. 11.

MARION HOST--Nov. 16, Chili Supper at Marion Christian Church serving from 4 to 8 PM.

PRINCETON--Nov. 13, Fall Soup Supper serving 3 different homemade soups, sandwiches and desert for $4.00.  Serving is at the Princeton Community Center from 4:30 PM until 7:00 PM

STANWOOD--Dec. 8, Holiday Tour of Lights and Soup Supper.

WALCOTT--Nov. 15, Turkey Trot at the Walcott Coliseum, music by Lyle Beaver from 7 to 11 PM.